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6/9/2006 8:21 am

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6/15/2006 3:48 am

Cum on cam

You've already made me cum twice with your dirty words, making me want you as i sit naked in front of the computer screen, typing perfectly with one hand, my other hand between my legs. doing what you tell me, following all your instructions - I know you don't believe that i do but i can't help myself. You are so hot, you turn me on so much, the thought of you touching yourself as i type back to you, telling you to stroke your cock.
You invite me to watch on cam - never done this before so don't know what to expect. I accept. I see your face and want to kiss you. The picture moves down and i see all of you. You're erect cock wanting me! - Sroke it for me - God it's nice - I'm getting wetter, two fingers inside now. I tell you this and you stroke faster, I tell you to play with your balls and you do - your cock is begging to be put in my mouth - pulsing - i know you want me - want to feel all of your hardness in me - a third finger goes in -I tell you this - you stroke faster and I see you too are getting wet - i want to cum for you,now- i rub my thumb against my clit - it's getting harder - wanting this to be your tongue - can't take my eyes off your hard cock - never thought it would be this good - cumming - fuck - juices flow over my fingers - you ask me to suck them for you - i do - mmmmm - love my own taste - I want you to cum for me now - i need to see you cum for me - show me you cumming - please - stroke your hard cock for me - let me see your hot cum spurt over you - please - cum for me
stroking faster - please cum for me.............
oh god.......want to lick you clean
That was so so good, need to do that again and again
So good watching you
Want you to watch me now - maybe next time.....

westhill2006 53M

6/9/2006 4:56 pm

Hahahahahaha,you're good at this,lol...
P.S.Like you I'm sure,"Been there,done that"

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