Thank God It's Over!  

MissAnnThrope 56F
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1/9/2006 9:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thank God It's Over!

I'm talking about football season for the local teams. The Giants were eliminated yesterday and the Jets were never actually in it.

I openly admit to my hate of football. But this season gave me even more reason to hate it. Having to be in Manhattan on Sunday nights and for the *ahem* quickest route, having to go by the Meadowlands.

No more do I have to watch a game, to gauge when I have to leave, to not sit there on the bus in massive traffic, as we all try to get into the Lincoln Tunnel at once. No more do I have to take the very long way, NJ Transit to Newark, PATH to the former World Trade Center, then two subways. Although, with a travel time of just under two hours, (OK, so I stop at Newark and the WTC for a cigarette before the next leg of my journey, in some cases missing a train and having to wait forever for the next one on weekends.) it's still quicker than some of the Sundays I've dealt with on Route 3.

Yesterday, I took the alternate route. I didn't want to leave at 3 in the afternoon and end up with three and a half hours to kill. I might have ended up having to take the free Emeter test the RonBots in the subway have been giving out. I took the long way.

When we finally got to Newark Penn Station, I was in desperate need of two things. Nicotine and caffeine. After a smoke in the bus lanes, I went inside and got coffee. Then I wandered up to PATH, just in time for a train to arrive. No small feat on a Sunday.

I took my coffee with me, as they tend to be lax about that, as long as you take your garbage with you. Besides, I had just gotten the thing and I wasn't about to toss out a full cup.

Well, I was done with it by the time we hit the former WTC site. I wanted to toss the cup. You know, there isn't one single garbage bin anywhere to be found there.

I asked an employee if there was garbage around. Yes, I had a brain fart. I was told, oh no, bombs can be planted in garbage bins. Well, obviously the caffeine wasn't quite kicking in... I blurted out, "You're fucking kidding me! There's nothing left to blow up!"

Well, at least the employee managed to hold back the snicker, but shocked tourists of course gasped and gave me really dirty looks. However, I stand by my statement. There is nothing left to blow up. All that's there is the PATH station and a hallway to a subway station. It doesn't even connect to the massive Fulton St. Station. Just Chambers St. I think it's Chambers St. All I know is, the hall just leads to the 7th and 8th Ave line trains.

So this means I have to go outside and walk an entire block (sarcasm) to the Fulton St. Station. Still no bins at the site. But what is right across the street, on the corner of Fulton and Broadway? A garbage bin, of course.

While it is a welcome site, it makes absolutely no sense to me. Someone who's determined to blow up the cavernous hole in the ground that remains can hide a powerful enough bomb in that bin right across the street.

Now, I know various cities don't have garbage bins around landmarks or important buildings. There are places where you have to walk blocks to find a bin in some cities, as they know something right across the street could be a target. Not to mention, there are several subway stations in the immediate vicinity. All of which have garbage bins right on the platforms. So this makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Then it occurred to me... And this is something I do have to check out... I can't remember ever seeing garbage in a PATH station. Then it dawned on me that in Port Authority, you have to kill yourself to find any garbage bin. You have to go outside to throw away something, or use the garbage of one of the merchants. The final realization... Both are owned and operated by the Port Authority of NY and NJ!

So I came to the conclusion that the PA employee who told me that there was no garbage in case of a bombing was full of it. It's what they've been instructed to say. The truth is, the Port Authority can't be bothered hiring someone to empty garbage. If it truly was the city concerned that someone wanted to blow up the hole in the ground, there wouldn't be garbage bins right across the street. Nor in the subway stations that are right there. There would also be more of a police presence, or like in Port Authority, National Guardsmen on duty. However, I do have to check out this theory. One day when I feel like riding the rails and checking every station. A day when I'm bored beyond belief. It's not happening anytime soon, in other words.

You're entitled to think I'm a heartless bitch for asking what I did. However, if you've been down there, you would see, there is nothing left to blow up.

jadedbabe78 105F

1/9/2006 7:11 pm *is* true. And it never fails--whenever you need a garbage can, a bathroom, or a bench to park your butt on to sit for a few--there are never anywhere to be found.

And I openly admit to hating football, too. And I live in Indy--I may just get stoned for that comment.

Shutterbug02 63M

1/10/2006 2:41 am

I can't watch sports on televison. I'm male and this may sound like some sort of male sin thing, but it just doesn't interest me. I have too many things to do and other interests that keep me occupied. I'm retired now and come and go as I please do what I want, when I want. Sports isn't an interest. I do go to a local sports bar to me with friends and make new ones, but the games displayed on the sceens are of no interests. Oh yes, then there is Super Bowel Sunday like it's some kind of religous event. OK I'm starting to sound like I'm vent so I'll stop. Then there are the basket ball play offs that go on for ever, stop me.

AlbertPrince 57M

1/10/2006 5:01 am

Don't miss it ~ Auction! AlbertPrince signed

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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1/10/2006 7:42 am

I think it's more likely that PA lawyers don't want the exposure to litigation that they think they'd have if a bomb was placed in a garbage can on their property.

... And I don't find anything you said offensive, MissAnn. There really ISN'T anything left to blow up.

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