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8/26/2005 7:28 am

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So, my roommate and I were in one of the area's diners the other night. While we were there, back in the smoking section, in comes the local HS football team and their cheerleader girlfriends. I mention it's the smoking section as all these jocks were smoking, had cigarettes but not a one was 18 years old. Isn't that illegal?

They put them right next to us. I have never heard such a tacky and classless group of children in my life. Talking about how it's OK to beat up some girl from their school because she's fat.

I noticed a few other things. Not one of them is going to be big enough to play college football. Not one of them could talk without swearing. At least three of them will be coming out of the closet sometime in the next 10 years, or turning into homophobic fag bashers. Not one of the cheerleader girlfriends ate a thing, only two were allowed to sit and all of them were seriously underweight. It's so nice to see the next generation of misogynists at work and girls stupid enough to be treated like second class citizens, because they want to latch onto the local fame.

Yes, I realize not one of them is going to manage to get through all 4 years of college, as no one will be writing their papers for them there. No professors are going to care how important they were to Bloomfield High School. Not one is going to be the football star they are at the moment, they're peaking now, they will be nothing in life.

But something else occurred to me. It's time for intellectual liberals to start breeding again, before the mouth breathers with their 1950s values towards women finish taking over the world.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/26/2005 12:01 pm

Yes....they are idiots and yes...they are rude and downright unpleasureable to be around...but...I have to admit...I thought I was top shit too until I hit the real world. That was when I realized that I wasn't Miss Know it all, That I really shouldn't have partied so much...and that it doesn't matter what comes out of my mouth...if I have no one cares one lick whether I swear or not.

I don't know of too many high school kids who have any comprehension of real life. THey are afterall just kids...but

One night...I encountered a SUV full of high school kids. They passed me on a side street because I was doing the speed limit. I left a friend's house, I got to the end of the street and I started to pull out. They almost hit ME...I just went on about my business trying to find the street in which would get me to the interstate...and they pulled up next to my car and threw a drink at my car. I pulled over, with kids in car, and got out and asked them what the big idea was. THey started yelling and swearing...stating that I was the one that almost Hit THEM...and how they should kick my ass. I looked at them and chastized them for being immature. That when a close call happens...that you should go on about your business, not hunt someone down...especially since they knew WHOSE fault it REALLY WAS....and then the bravest of girls jumps out and gets in my face. I asked her if she really wanted trouble..due to the fact she had no clue who I was in that town and that for all she knew, she was about to get her ass kicked. SHe asked who I was...and about that time...I reached in and pulled out my aunts was a plain security badge....but it was enough to turn the girl around into a woman who was asking that I forgive her...and accept her apology. SHe jumped back into the vehicle and they took off. The only thing is..the driver of that SUV later dies in a car accident 2 months later.

It seems as though...immaturity will live in all of us for some period of time until our hearts are broken or we get a good smack in the face from reality.


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8/26/2005 12:02 pm

Hmm . . . ya know, the cool thing about intellectuals and their ilk is that they do it with their minds (breed, that is). Oral sex of a different sort: they spread their memes whenever they open their mouths--or type at the keyboard, as you yourself have just done.

Oh, I know all too well how bleak it can look. And to paraphrase Marx (Groucho), "It seems bleak, but don't be misled; it is bleak." Still, people can be at their worst when clumped into groups--and a group like that, predicated on so much us-versus-them divisions and ritualized violence . . . well, small wonder that they oozed ugliness.

But maybe, just maybe, that professor who doesn't care about his students' high-school-football careers will waken one of them to Joseph Heller, or the pre-Raphaelites, or Darius Milhaud, or Wittgenstein, or . . . And just maybe one of those anxious, anorexic, girls will finally get fed up, disgorging all that culturally imposed self-hatred and finding sustenance in women from Sappho to Heloise to Mary Wollstonecraft to Catherine MacKinnon. And if that happens, it will probably because someone like you, Miss Ann (bless your heart), has disseminated him- or herself in the deepest, most profound way possible: not by popping out babies (oy, that's been done to death) but by talking and writing and caring.

Failing that, whaddaya think? Can we just club 'em and dump the bodies in a bayou somewhere for the gators?

StreaktheFreak 38F

8/26/2005 4:41 pm

my closest friend in high school and i were busy with things like trying to have a real understanding of human nature and trying to see past to reality the self-proclaimed motivations of the masses, we thought. but we were kids and still did incredbly ego centric and stupid things....i agree that those behaviors are out of hand but really a lot of people are not so different from that when they are that age

i know that to a certain extent i was like that.
the way that people grow up today is not the same that is was a couple decades ago....there was a responsibility given to youth and a maturity as a kids are more likely to be running amuck and have no self respect and therefore no respect for anything else.

you do what you know...when did things start to change? i have ideas but that doesnt matter

will it ever change? i highly doubt it
if anything it seems to be getting worse

rm_DocSpiky 40M
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8/31/2005 8:35 am

I have to say that these morons, as sad as it is, will probably make it through college. Colleges have become little more than diploma mills in this country. Don't believe me? Check out the new hires at your place of employment - the fresh, young faces with brand spanking new degrees and less intellect than your average pennyloafer.

People never cease to disgust me. Seems like we teach our kids the value of money first and the value of people, well... never. There's a brand new generation of self-centered, arrogant a-holes out there with nothing better to do than breed more of their own kind.

redmustang91 57M  
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9/6/2005 10:58 am

We had one who reads, writes and made it through four years of Ivy league college to graduate. Kids are too expensive and too much work to have many if you try to do it right!

tallandlean1000 63M
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9/6/2005 8:38 pm

In a country where the sportsfigures are on top, followed by the "artists", and your poets and serious writers are on the bottom there is no hope. The rise of Republicanism has lowered scholastic standards throughout the land, turning it into an intellectual waste-land. Look at our so-called "president". A monkey could probably beat him in a game of chess, and he has a Yale degree!!! How did that happen?

MissAnnThrope 56F
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9/7/2005 6:42 pm

Mandy, these kids are getting worse. They knew legally, if you beat the crap out of any of them, even though they instigated, because they were underage, you would have been the one to get in trouble. I'm glad you had your aunt's security badge and that they were stupid enough not to be able to tell the difference.

Connor, the one talking the loudest about how it's ok to beat up some girl because she's fat, was also going on about how he plans on going into education. He was also the loudest and most foul mouthed and the prime candidate for coming out and doing rough trade on the docks. Back in my early 20s, a friend talked me into doing Est. As a result, I could make a longshoreman blush once I get started. So, for me to be offended by what was coming out of this child's mouth is really saying something.

Streak, I never had any responsibility growing up, except school work. My mother didn't believe in it. However, my friends and I were already making fun of the jock types. Then again, my friends and I were the ones who spent our weekends heading to museums, instead of shopping malls.

Doc, those brand new MBAs will all make fine do-nothing middle managers who get to have their underlings do all their work, while they sit in their offices playing solitaire and surfing the net for porn. However, these kids? It is to be hoped they wrap their IROCs around telephone polls. Just as long as they're nowhere near me when they kill themselves.

red, I doubt your kid would have been part of this crowd. Yours was probably one of the kids this crowd beat up, or at least threatened to, among themselves.

tallandlean, you're forgetting daddy went to Yale and was a decent student. He was also gaining importance and wealth when Dubya was ready for school. If you have enough money and can write that check to make improvements or build a wing to the school, unless your kid has Down Syndrome, he or she is getting in. I just want to know who he had writing his papers and taking his tests so he managed to pass.

Look kids, the dumbing of America has been going on for years. This is nothing new with the Bush administration, although it seems to be getting worse fast. Of course, it could just appear that way, as more and more imbeciles come of age.

For example, let's look at my one cousin's son. He's 23 now. When he hit middle school, 5th grade for those of you who don't remember, his grades went from straight As at the beginning of the year to Ds at the end. The low grades continued. He was taken to a behavioral psychiatrist who put him through all sorts of tests. His IQ came in at 148. So, they decided, he wasn't challenged enough, that's why he was acting up and not paying attention. Then they decided it was ADD. But he convinced the shrink that he'd abuse the meds if they were prescribed. Not a dumb kid. My sister and I finally got the truth out of him one day... All the other kids were making fun of him because he was getting good grades and wouldn't even talk to him. Therefore, he started goofing off and acting up in class, so he'd be popular. As soon as his mother, (my cousin) decided to move to another area, he ended up in a school where smart kids valued each other and the academics were very competitive. His grades shot back up. However, school districts like that with star schools are not the norm. School districts where kids think it's ok to beat up anyone who doesn't conform to their idea of what perfection should be are the norm anymore. I blame stupid parents who never should have been allowed to breed.

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