Play-Offs Time (Almost)  

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10/2/2005 4:05 pm

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Play-Offs Time (Almost)

Yesterday, the Yankees clinched their 8th straight division title. It wasn't an easy climb to the top for them this year. At one point, they were so far back, I thought they were going to end up in the cellar. But then, Toronto and Baltimore started to suck. Of course, I expected Baltimore to lose it after the All-Star break, as they have in every year in recent memory.

Now, I was born and bred a Yankees fan. Somewhere in storage, I still have my Yankees baby bib. As my parents had a mixed marriage, my mother was a Yankees fan, my father an old Brooklyn Dodgers fan and then the Mets when they were added to the mix in 1963, it was interesting growing up. Until we got that second TV, that is. But I digress.

Even as a kid, there was something about the Yankees I liked better as a kid. I wasn't old enough to have, or even understand my current battle cry: "Never root for an expansion team!" But back then, I had no idea the Mets were an expansion team. In general, I just like the American League better. The stadia are nicer, (yes, stadia is the actual plural of stadium.) the uniforms are far less tacky in general, there's just something more appealing about the entire league. Except of course, The Red Sox.

I don't think it's the Red Sox I hate as much as the fans. The team finally breaks The Curse of the Babe, by Schilling spilling blood on the pitcher's mound under the light of a lunar eclipse. Gee, that wasn't so hard to break... But the fans piss me off.

Boston fans have spent the last year being the most arrogant pricks about the first World Series win since 1918, acting like they're the greatest team in the history of baseball. They're not. 2004 was only their 5th trip to the World Series after 1918. While they Yankees haven't won every time they've gone to a World Series, they've been there 38 times since 1921. That is pretty damned impressive.

Boston fans were the loudest in those dark years of the 80s where the Yankees were cellar dwellers. "The worst team money can buy!" was what I heard from every Boston fan I knew. When the Yankees started winning again, what I heard from Red Sox fans was, "Of course they're winning. The best team money can buy!" There's just no pleasing some people.

I was really hoping that Cleveland would win today and Boston would lose. That would have forced a play-off game tomorrow for the wild card spot. Sadly, Cleveland lost and Boston won. So, the first round of play-offs start on Tuesday. The Red Sox vs. the White Sox.

I'm rooting for the White Sox. Not because I hate the Red Sox. Not because I hate Boston fans and want to see the team fail so they're finally shut the fuck up. No, because last year the Red Sox broke their curse, this year it's time for the White Sox to break their curse.

For those of you who don't follow baseball, in 1919, the White Sox made it to the World Series and a number of the players had been paid off by gamblers to throw the series. It was called the Black Sox scandal. The John Sayles movie, "Eight Men Out" is about that scandal.

I can sort of understand the players accepting money. Charles Comiskey, the owner of the team, was a notorious cheap bastard. The team actually got the name the Black Sox because Comiskey wanted to cut laundry bills and even though the salary of players were cut in half thanks to the start of World War I and bad attendance as a result, he wanted the players to pay their own laundry bills. He also had some of the best players in baseball and didn't pay them nearly what players were being paid in the rest of the league. Baseball was different in those days too. When a team bought or was traded a player, they owned that player. Period. It was either deal or get benched. So, 8 players ended up being indicted, acquitted, but then banned from baseball for life.

Since that time, the White Sox have been to one World Series, that they lost. That was in 1959. So, I think this is the year for them to break that curse of 1919, as the Red Sox broke the 1918 curse last year. Now, if my theory is correct, that's sad news for Cubs fans, as they have to wait another 30 years for their curse to be broken.

Now, if by some chance the Red Sox manage to get to the World Series again this year, I will be rooting for the National League team. I'm sincerely hoping that in the NL, The Padres make it to the series. The National League West has the worst record in baseball. The wild card teams have a better record than the Padres. They played .503 ball this year. Their record is 81-80. They're in the process of playing their last game of the regular season. They're losing, so, it looks like they're going to end up with a .500 record. I'm really hoping the Padres are spoilers in the National League and go to the World Series.

This is a bad play-offs year for me. I love the Yankees. I want to see them win again. However, I also want to see the White Sox break their curse. I'm so torn.

iluvjbsinaz 55M

10/3/2005 6:36 pm

I grew up an Orioles fan, picking them as my favorite team after my 3rd grade baseball coach said I would be the next Brooks Robinson. They were one of the best organizations in baseball for a while; now they just suck. I still find it hard to root for the Yankees, but I really can't stand the Red Sox...most arrogant fans ever with no reason to be.

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