Demons Reflected in the Glass  

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8/18/2006 6:38 am

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Demons Reflected in the Glass

Demons of self-doubt
Quieren bailamos in my head
Whispering softly
Lurking under the bed

I'm exhausted after a night
In dialogue with the fear
Debating with the questions
Afraid of the answers I'll hear

Morning arrives with furtive messages
I am anxious to spend the day
Buscando por mi santo
In a glimmer of the sun's first ray

Donde es mi amigo?
Donde es mi amor?
Hiding in the shadows
Lost behind the door

How can I offer what he needs?
When I want so much myself
Do I pour it all into the open
Or store it safely on a shelf?

Will I have the patience
To be there when it counts
To wrap him in my comfort
To love in the right amounts?

Donde es mi amigo?
Donde es mi amor?
Healing from the sadness
On a distant shore

Demons of self-doubt
Quiren bailamos in my head
I'll turn around and play their game
And dance with them instead

Wait patiently for the answer
Time is what I have to give
To listen, to care, to hope
He discovers a new chance to live

I'll wait to hear the word, "Querida,"
And know he's back again

18 August 2006

Por los gringos (rough translations):
Quieren bailamos = want to dance
Buscando por mi santo = looking for my saint
Donde es mi amigo? = Where is my friend?
Donde es mi amor? = Where is my love(r)?

Steel_Legs 59M/F

8/18/2006 7:17 am

All that and a talented bi-lingual poet too? Very well done, excellent pace and feeling. MORE!

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