Getting Off...  

MilwPhat9Male 48M
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8/8/2005 4:25 am

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12/17/2007 11:50 am

Getting Off...

On average, how many times do you get off during penetration sex? Ladies, that is how many times do you normally get off with your partner's dick? And guys, how many times do you normally get off with your partner's pussy? What was the highest number of orgasms that you have had or gave your partner?

rm_hayden32 46M

8/21/2005 6:49 am

My girlfriend has never got off on my cock. Maybe she needs a bigger one.

rm_PeanutJackie 36F
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8/28/2005 6:48 am

I orgasm at least twice when my bf and i are having sex. Add oral into the mix and there will be one or two more orgasms

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Dirty_n_Naughty 47M/F

10/17/2005 8:32 pm

I normally get of on an average of 5 times or more. Depending on how long we go. And for my fiancee' he can go from one time to 4 times depending on how horny he is. Or if he is very determind to give me multipule orgasms and make me squirt. I have came a total of 13 times with my partner and he has cum a total of 5 times with me. But if ya want to count the squirting with me, ....that is a whole other number....LOL You have some really good questions here. Diane

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Mottts 30F

10/28/2005 10:02 pm

i have never gotten off with any man yet - i never minded - i love making them cum instead.

talkdirty_2me 40F

2/25/2007 7:32 pm

Let's fuck and you can keep track. Let me know sexy

MilwPhat9Male 48M

3/13/2007 11:15 pm


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