What's hot?  

Milkman385_707 31M
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4/17/2006 11:24 pm
What's hot?

Women in skimpy Bikinis on an easily viewable roof... that's pretty hot. Now make those women girls in their pre-teens and thats.... not. Or feature them being 400 pound orcas in two piece bathing suits made from curtains and old flags... that really is not Hot.

Being able to see an average woman's pantyline through her skirt, that's pretty hot. Being able to see a plus size girl's pantyline through her sweats, that's really rather not.

A young woman bends down to expose a rather unexpected thong... be it highrise low or other... as long as she's shapely and still a sex symbol of some kind... that's pretty damn hot. An old woman of a rather large nature bends down in front of you and exposes her butt floss??? That's so not hot and it ruins the panty's all together.

A beautiful woman licking food from her fingers, as long as it's not something like ribs that can be pretty hot. The same woman eating off the floor or out of the trash.... is so not appealing.

that's it for now from me! I'll probably be adding to it at some point, please drop in your own opinions on what's hot and what's just not. Thanks!

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