On the Subject of Oral Sex - Case Study #2  

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3/30/2006 9:14 pm

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On the Subject of Oral Sex - Case Study #2

"The Turning Tides"

I think Velvetrope was misguided about my intentions. She had no idea that after we met up at the restaurant the other day that this pent-up drive was making me crazy. I suppose her impressions were that I am just this ordinary 9-5 guy. Given that most of our conversation centered around where we’ve lived, worked and kids, little time was given for any discussion about how we met up in the first place. Very trusting I suppose, but is that my fault??? This…..pending dangerous liaison being unknown to her. Her pleasant smile, demeanor and tone of her voice are all things a guy looks for. Endearing qualities now lost on me. Maybe in another life or under different circumstances, but not now! Life is too short to not seize the opportunity and move forward with fulfilling my quest. Knowing that I’ll receive no redemption, grace or forgiveness, what do I have to lose?? Not a G&%$#mn thing! Besides, it’s her F^&*ing word against mine. Who’s going to believe her anyway? Any such argument will be construed as some “mutual” interaction and I’ll get what I want regardless. I haven’t been serviced in months, if not over a year and she’ll take my cock whether she wants to or not!

We’ve agreed to go out Friday after work. When I reached her finally by phone, her skittish nature was taking the best of her. She wants to meet in a “neutral” place. I was thinking, “Fine, just f–k it! I’ll meet you at the coffee shop down the street.” I would rather pick her up at her place and go from there. But nnooooo, little miss goodie two shoes has to have it her way. “That f’n bitch” I thought…well, no big deal, these are all workarounds. “Fine, I’ll see you there at 5.” I go back online to check my evening messages and see if I fared any better, but to no avail. This is really doing me in…I haven’t been blown in months…”I’ll tea bag that bitch.” Going to bed frustrated is all part of this……waking-up with a woody is God’s punishment. Nothing worse than a bad case of morning cock and a cold shower……..rather be butt f&^%ed by the IRS!

Its 5 minutes to 5 and somehow I think she’ll be late. “Is this a habit with her???” I thought. “Naaa”…maybe I’m being a tad impatient. Not everyone is early or on-time. Moreover, we didn’t synchronize our watches or agree to meet exactly on time. Another curse of the alpha male…..impatience coupled with an intolerable sperm build-up…sort of like mixing vinegar and baking soda. Then again, I wondered “Is she on to me???”…likely not possible. I have a rope, ball gag and blindfold in the truck. She doesn’t know I have it and nowhere along the way have I let on….Thinking I’m ok; I relax in the coffee shop sofa waiting for her arrival. She comes in around 5:10….and I’m a little perturbed. “Sorry I’m late” she says, “I had to drop my dog off at the Vet for her teeth cleaning.” “Well, isn’t that f&^%ing nice” I thought, standing me up for a f&^%ing dog! “Oh, that’s ok, I just ordered another Caramel Mocha”..thinking that I’ve just been dissed here. I get up to go to the restroom after filling my bladder with 3 of these coffees….I’m sort of ancy and pinging…..not to mention suffering from deprivation. I return shortly to the couch and she gestures me over to sit by her. We strike up a conversation, more small talk than anything else…she puts her arm around me and I feel comforted. I though “Hmmmm, this is more human contact than I’ve had in I don’t know how long…”I’m slowly finishing my coffee, and notice she’s done with her’s…I’m getting sort of tired. Maybe it’s the long week, I don’t know. But I’m in no mood to eat. Sitting back, stretching and letting out a yawn, I feel sleepy. “Maybe we ought to call it a day” I said…”Maybe we can meet back up here next Friday???” “Oh no, I was hoping we could go back to my place and watch movies tonight.” She said. I thought this was acceptable eventough I was a tad tired. We left for her apartment and settled-in shortly thereafter on her couch. I had my overnight bag with me containing my wares for the evening’s festivities. The hard part was driving the ½ mile back to her place without falling asleep. It’s been a long week and I just don’t have the energy to go out of a Friday.

“Why don’t you get a wine cooler or something”, I said thinking that I would let her get herself tipsy to my benefit…she grabbed a wine cooler and we started to watch a typical “chick flick”…about 30 minutes into it…I fell asleep.

It’s now sometime in the early morning, “What day is it” “Where am I”..I wondered. “Hey, what the….” Noticing that while I’m lying down, I’m strapped in 4-point restraints on her daybed. The leather encumbering my wrists and ankles, my ability to get up impeded by her fetters. She enters the room wearing nothing but her evening gown. “Having a nice time a%^hole” she uttered. “What gives here? I’m naked on this daybed, tied up like an animal.” “You are a f&^%ing animal”, she said. “You are going to service my pussy until I’m satisfied or I’ll squeeze your f^&%ing balls.” She slips off her nightgown and straddles her pussy over my face. Grabbing the back of my long blonde hair, she thrusts my neck upward and face into her pussy. “Oh God how sweet” I thought, “She smells soooooo good”. I begin to lick and tease her pussy, lapping at her clit, putting my tongue inside her. She squeezes and pulls at my hair to guide me, moaning in abject pleasure as she receives the pleasures fitting a woman.

My breathing somewhat difficult, she allows me only small increments of relief. In bring her to pleasure, licking, thrusting and manipulating her clit and vulva. My cock is becoming engorged with blood from this sensation. As she shrieks out initially, I become rock hard. “Lick me you bastard” she says….”Lick this pussy real good”….realizing “the tides have turned”, I submit to her pleasures and bring her into full climax. When she’s satisfied, she notices my erect member. Grabbing it in her left hand, she gives it a thwack with her right. “What the f^&k are you doing with this thing”, she asked…Not saying a word, she thumped my erection and all was lost….No pussy for it and my plans foiled…

She got redressed after taking a shower and letting me stew there for another 20 minutes. My head and neck still aching…”She slipped me something at that f^&*ing coffee shop” I thought….and I was right, she did. The tides have turned. She came over to the bed, undid my fetters and said “Now get dressed and get the f&^k out!”. Being wary from the experience and too tired to continue, I complied with her wishes. To this day she won’t return my calls or e-mails. I’m wondering when the tide will come in again???? MILFMAN

WhiskeyGurl41 52F

3/30/2006 9:43 pm

Milfman, can I be your velvetrope...only I want you to tie me up

saddletrampsk 54F

3/30/2006 10:23 pm

Mmmmmmm..sexy..I would love to dominate a man like that..hehe

Milfman17 55M

4/2/2006 3:37 pm

Ahhh velvetrope...I shall indeed...........MILFMAN

PleasureMePlzzz 52F

4/3/2006 1:09 am

LoL Okay you've made me think. I've always thought that the idea of being forced is sexy.. but I totally never had an accurate view of what was going on in a man's mind! You've made the aggressive and angry male a very real character. Maybe what I prefer is strong and dominant.
A really nice twist on oral pleasure... never found dominating a man much of a turn on.. but in this situation, tit for tat was definitely in order!! If only in real life, reading someone's mind and intentions was so easy. Thanks for the story.

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