Racism strikes again. Now against my blood.....  

Mikey_B1972 44M
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9/15/2005 6:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Racism strikes again. Now against my blood.....

This is a blog from the heart, so if you are looking for a laugh, please pass this by..

To start this blog, I must first catch you up to speed. I have a younger sister who is 25 now. Her son, alijah, is 4 years old. He has had a very tough life so far. His father is black (if you couldn't tell from the picture) My sister fell in love with the high school football star running back and decided to have a kid during her last year of school. Needless to say, neither of them were ready. He made promise after promise that he would always be there for her and their son. To this date, he is a dead beat daddy and hasn't assisted in raising ($$$) Alijah nor has he seen him in months. The fathers family hated my sister because she was white and my family accepted him the best we could. We were not brought up as racist but we did believe that they should mix.My parents are old school Italian and German, so their beliefs were our beliefs. When alijah was old enough to leave the house with the father to show him to his side of the family, my sister trusted him with him. The night my sister my picked up Alijah from the dads house, it was dark outside and she was in a rush to get him and get home. When my sister got home and unloaded, she was shocked to see the entire side of the childs face was black and blue. She rushed him to the hospital to get him examined. Of course child services was called and the father was arrested. The xrays showed a hand print form on the left side of his entire face/head. When the father wasked what happened, he told the police that him and his friends were playing xbox, and the kid would not stop crying..so he slapped him. I was not notified unttil mid day the nect day while at work. The police showed up at my dealership and pulled me outside to explian the situation. I couldn't understand why they told me and not my mother or sister. Once explained that my mother called in the request, because she knew i would take matters into my own hands. I was given a legal warning not to go after him or i would face serious charges. I didn't talk to my mother or sister for the following week, but i did go by his neighborhood morning and night looking for him. I could not find him for 2 weeks so i gave up. I found out he was locked up and would be in for a few months. **I would easily spend a week in jail for beating his ass til' he couldn't walk for what he did to that poor innocent infant. My parents and the law knew this. The cops that came to see me where ones that i knew from bouncing at the clubs. They told to let the situation fly for a while and let the storm calm. So i did. I have not gone after him or looked for him since that day.

Now, for the recent activity. My sister called me today crying about a situation that happened at a super walmart the previous day. She, a friend and Alijah were walking up to the front doors of the store when they heard loud music playing. There was a big 4x4 truck that was playing their music quite loudly. My nephew, being the cool little dude that he is, gives the guys the peace sign (fingers pointed outwards in a v pattern) and was shaking his head jamming to the music. Minutes later, the redneck teenagers are calling him like a dog...here nigger nigger, here nigger nigger..My sister was disgusted, and luckily Alijah did not hear it. She rushed home and cried to my mother about the hatred he got from the guys. She was mostly upset that she couldn't do anything about it. When this was told to me, my blood pressure doubled and i felt a roid rage uprizing. She told me that she didn't call me when it happened because she knew what i would do. I am not a violent guy, unless if i am provoked to do so. I modestly say I do have talent for the art of whooping ass. I am not to be fucked with. Funny thing is, it takes Alot to get me to the breaking point, but once i am there, it is game over.
I am hurt by the actions taken against my nephew. he is 4 years old, loves music and trucks, loves to dance and is just the ever-so-happy kid. I have not had the urge to hurt anyone or cause bodily harm for a long time. How someone could verbily attack a child, innocent at life, yet guilty of color, is beyond me.
Sorry this blog is so long and drawn out, but i am very disturbed and hurt. It has been a long time since i shed a tear. I am wiping my cheeks as i type. I don't know what hurts worse; the fact they did this, or the fact i wasn't there to drag their little asses out of the truck and give them a beating they would never forget.....
I have always had 2 favorite phrases
1. Life is full of lessons to learn and pathes to take, how you take them and where you go with them is what makes you who you are.
2. May God have mercy on my enemies, because i won't..

Lord, please watch down upon me and do not let me cross pathes with these guys. For if i do, i will have sins to confess.

(Juan S)
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9/25/2005 6:01 pm

I am living witness to the fact that Karma will take care of the evil that men (...and women) do... Most of the time, it is definately the better part of valor. I have felt that type of pain that you describe Mikey...after all...we are kindred spirits.

However on those nights that karma bends the rules...Save a small piece for Siz...

(Princess Lips)

11/7/2005 1:19 pm

Sorry to hear this..Bless him poor guy..hope he is ok...and your sister as well...

a prayer-

May those who love us love us, and those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts, and if He can't turn thier hearts, may He turn thier ankles, so we may know them by thier limp.


Mikey_B1972 44M

11/10/2005 5:13 pm

Redlipsprincess--Thank you for the nice prayer

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