A poem for Bella  

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8/13/2005 2:10 pm

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A poem for Bella

********For you Bella Dear

As you sit on the beach, you see from afar
a man approching you, but not by car

He comes up on a horse, so big and bold
MikeyB hands you his shirt, and asks if you're cold

The sun is setting, there's a chill in the air
A beautiful breeze is blowing through your hair

He gets off the stallion to wrap you in his arms
You are stunned by his looks and by his charms

He said lets sit and talk for a while
Let me hold you in my arms,let me see you smile

The sun is now down, the moon is rising
He whispers in your ear, you are so mesmerizing

He says to you, lets go for a walk
I want to hold your hand while we talk

I love the sound of the waves when they break
As i rub your stomach, i can feel you shake

Lets go for a walk, get some sand on our feet
Bella my dear, you make me complete

When i'm around you, my stomach quakes
I'm a true man, not one of those fakes

I would honor and cherish you from head to toe
Even while apart you would always know

She could look great and offer me such pleasure
She has no idea, she does'nt even measure

Up to my Bella, the one and only
Who throughout her life, will never be lonely

I would never harm you, nor bring a tear to an eye
Would never mislead you, nor would i lie

It would be my honor to be your side
I would show you off with soo much pride

Not as a trophy, more as a treasure
To be in your life would be such a pleasure

I would show you the way, that things should be
we'd be perfect together, just you and me...........

Bella--you were brought into this world by yourself, and you will leave this world by yourself..so take care of yourself

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