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1/31/2006 12:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Work Stuff

Had an interesting experience at work last night.

This homeboy and his girlfriend decided to steal some gangsta ("urban") clothes from the department store where I work. I went out after her, and he chased me, told me "I'll fuck you up!" a couple of times, but I recovered the stuff. (A Tupac sweatsuit is NOT worth going to jail over, in my opinion.) So the guy grabs their kid while she empties stuff they've stolen from other places into a shopping cart from the minivan they parked diagonally in a handicapped spot in front of our place. And they take off on foot with the stolen stuff and the kid. All this while we're watching them and talking to the cops on the phone (making NO effort to hide this from them!). About ten minutes later they come back for the minivan and start to drive off. As they're pulling out of our parking lot, three APD units show up and surround them. He takes off running carrying the kid and is arrested shortly afterwards.

So these clowns end up being charged with

Shoplifting (about 150 FRNs worth of stuff)
Child endangerment
Fleeing an officer
Assault (the "I'll fuck you up!" part)

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