Some things about me (with apologies to kelli4u2dew)....  

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Some things about me (with apologies to kelli4u2dew)....

1. I have a nickname that a lot of people use instead of my "real" name

2. Very few people I work with know my "real" given name.

3. I have a lot of aquaintances, but very few true friends.

4. I was married to my high school girlfriend.

5. I went through a divorce so bad that I thought about killing myself. It completely crushed my ego and took all my self confidence away. Now I just want to do better than she thinks I can.....

6. I once had an affair with a married woman.......13 years younger than me.

7. I don't think I'm in that bad of shape for being 41.

8. I love aggressive women in the bedroom. Let me repeat this: I LOVE aggressive women in the bedroom !!

9. I am still friends with a few women that I've dated/had sex with.

10. I find an accent attractive.

11. I don't watch that much network TV - Discovery, The History Channel, TLC and Fox News work for me.

12. I've been with a woman 14 years older than me. I was 19 and she was 33....

13. The naughty librarian is one of my favorites, followed by the schoolgirl and stockings w/garters running close behind....

14. I've dated women with breast implants and real boobs - it all comes down to the woman that's underneath.

15. I'm secure in my masculinity - being around bisexual or gay men don't bother me at all.

16. I still have a few unfulfilled fantasies. Just ask about them, you may be suprised or shocked.

17. I am an excellent shot with a pistol (Kimber .45), rifle (AR-15), shotgun (Defender 12ga) and know how to use chemical munitions as well (OC, MACE, and Stingers)

18. I have been to a number of foreign countries: Norway, Belgium, England, Spain, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Sicily, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Uraguay, Brazil, as well as almost every island in the Carribean.

19. I have met the President, Vice President, Secretaries of State, Defense, and the Navy as well as the Director of the CIA and numerous Senators and Representatives.

20. I've been awake long enough to lose track of what day it was; and if it was daytime or nightime.

21. I very rarely drink. One or two, that's it.

22. My favorite authors are Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, and William Johnstone.

23. I am severely alleric to bees stings - The last time I was stung I ended up in the hospital for 3 days and almost died on the way. The next one will probably kill me.

24. I initially come across as a shy nice guy.

25. Get me alone and naked and I'll change your mind.

26. I can be very vocal when I have great sex or when an orally talented woman goes down on me.

27. Seaking of going down, I love 69 - and if she's up for it, I'll pick her up and hold her upside down !

28. I am not camera/video shy.

29. FMF is better if the girls are bi.

30. I have the sex drive of an 18 year old.

31. I've been in love exactly 3 times.

32. I can love and appreciate a good meal.

33. I know how to cook, clean, and sew.

34. I can do my own laundry and iron if required.

35. I've only been with 2 women who were completely shaved.

36. There are only a few things that are off limits to me - Kids, scat, and leaving bruises. Other than that, it's all open.

37. I like to hear your fantasies - then make them come true.

38. My morals may be questionable; but my ethics are not.

39. I do not use any illegal substances. period. I have NO tolerance for them.

40. I've only been with 2 women who swallow.

41. Two women who I've been with did anal sex - one of them got off like a freight train.

42. A few of the things I did in the service will be classified until about 2036 or so.

43. I have lived in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, and California. Florida was my favorite.

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