It was right under my nose this whole time?  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
8/7/2005 8:34 pm
It was right under my nose this whole time?

I would have never guessed. She comes over to visit me and my roomies from time to time, but had never been outwardly sexually agressive towarrds us. Well....the other day, her and I were in my room playing Adult Monopoly. It gives instructions to remove clothing, and engage in various sexual activities, bla bla bla. Well... 'Remove your pants' was the instruction I got. So...what else could I do? The next turn was hers. It said to 'lick and suck his dick and balls'. (Is this for real?) Wow! But I was having a problem today attaining an erection. (dont ask me..) Well, I suggested that I give her oralsex. She was thrilled at the suggestion. So..I lather her clit with my saliva, and lick her until she cries out in orgasm, all while grabbing my head and forcing my face into her fuckhole.
Now, its MY turn. She began by stroking my cock. Then she alternated between stroking and sucking. It wasnt long before she had my cock spewing forth its valuable man-sauce. She continued to stroke, and also caught and swallowed my spunk. Fuckin A! I thought I was gonna faint from the pleasure I was recieving. Wow. She said she'll be back inna couple days. Cant wait. Come suck me....

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