It had to happen someday.  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
6/22/2005 4:04 am
It had to happen someday.

Youre not gonna believe this. I hardly can either. And unless I had been there, I probably wouldnt.
It was like any other Saturday night. My band was playin, and this woman, came right up to the stage... asks us "Hey! Do you like cd's or cassettes?" Before I could even utter a sound she lifted up her shirt and said..."See deese? Cassette your lips on deese!" Now. Ive seen alot in my career, but I had never seen that. And she did have a great set of titties on her. So, when we took our break, I sauntered up to her. Ill never forget the way she smelled. And then, she looked down at my crotch, and motioned for us to go outside. OK. So, outside we go. She takes me to her minivan. Luckily for me it has tinted windows, cuz this girl had my cock out in record time. She sucked my dick. And I was really wantin to get to her goodies too. But...she had different plans. "Let me suck you off! I LOVE the taste of cum!" Well, far be it from ME to argue with a woman who has my dick in her mouth. So, for that moment, I let her be the boss of me.
I was just astonished by her talents. Never had a woman been able to get me to blow in that short of time. Im thinkin, it was over in 25 seconds. I usually like it to last longer than that. But she was determined. Almost possessed. Like the zombies on dawn of the dead sayin 'Brains'. Only she was sayin 'Cock'. Huh. You know where to find me.!! I call do-overs!

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