I cant wait to taste her again.  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
7/30/2005 7:54 am
I cant wait to taste her again.

You ever have that yearning, or get a taste stuck in your head, and you just cant get rid of it until you eat the thing you are thinkin about? Well!? Do Ya? If you do...then you will understand my dilemma. I met this girl the other day, and, well..we got to talkin. She told me that NOBODY has ever gone down on her and made her cum. And ya know...I DO hear alot of that. Why is it that some people cant get their partner off orally? Personally...Its my favorite way for my woman to cum. (if that even matters) I like the taste of her cum, and I think about it 24/7. Anyone else? I like the feel of pussy on my lips. And the smell of it on my mustache. Especially freshly fucked pussy. God! OK. Im gonna hafta beat-off now, cuz I did it to myself AGAIN!! All horny this morning, and all by myself. Figures!

rm_TANK24833 43M

7/30/2005 8:52 am

i hear you mike i love to eat the pussy as well and i love the taste of a woman and i dont stop till they scream and cum all over my face.

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