Gotta count my blessings on this one.  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
8/19/2005 9:58 pm
Gotta count my blessings on this one.

I thought for sure I would never see her again. I had been thinking about her alot. And since I hadnt seen nor heard from her in over a month, I was quite pleased when she came callin on me. The last time I had seen her, I was at her place, 150 miles from home, and was horny for her. Well, those nights had turned into weeks, and then months.
It had that familiar feel of sexual tension. Ya. This is the right girl. She had so many secrets to show me. And so much mystery to reveal. I remember her tellin me that she had a pierced clit. I was STILL having nocturnal emissions about that. (How do I lick it, will she cum fast?, ect.) Well, it turns out, that she remembered the things she told me. And she was thinkin, now was the time to let me in (no pun intended) on her secrets.
Whoever invented 'baby-oil' really gets MY vote for sexiest fluids you can use on your body. She, apparently, thinks that way too. For..out of her overnight bag...why...a brand new bottle. I must have, last time I seen her, mentioned my fetish for having my cock stroked with babyoil. Well,... she wasted no time in bringing my cock to its full attention. She poured the oil on her hands, and rubbed my cock. Goddam...that feels soooooo good. Well, I have to know. I unbutton her 501's, and begin rubbing her pussy. Hmmm... What? I cant feel any clitri....OH! WOW! That mustve been it. "OK. I gotta see it." Damn straight. Perty Pink Pussy Piercin just like she said. And all i gotta do is T O U C and she quivers. Um, did you say youre stayin for a day? Wow! I sure hope I survive!

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