Betcha it was the most fun Ive EVER had...  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
4/28/2005 5:51 pm
Betcha it was the most fun Ive EVER had...

And then all of us got out and went around to the other side, where that girl with the long-face was just suckin that guys dick. Wow! Since I couldnt get past her, I just stood there...right next to her, watching that cock go into her mouth. Then, as if on cue, she let his cock out of her mouth, and replaced it with mine. This is turning out to be some night. Anyway, she is sucking my cock, then his, then back, and back again. I reposition myself so I am relaxing on the arm of the couch. She sucks, and licks. Aw. Finally she whirls around so that I can play with her pussy. And that guy begins to fuck her. (Ive always wanted this to happen, my fantasy is M/F/M threesome, (not bi-courious, just think its sexy)). She continues sucking on my dick, and that guy suggests he fuck her from behind. Im thinking....ok, but can she spin around and face your feet, so I can lick her clit at the same time? Thats exactly what happened. Although I had never experianced a squirter before, I knew they existed. Ol' long-face, as it turns out, is a freekin nympho, and squirts 16 inch streams of cum from her pussy. Well, needless to say, it certainly was some of the most fun Ive ever had. If she is reading this somewhere, thank you for a night that Ill never forget.

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