...and so on, and so on....  

MikeOxbigger469 53M
4/22/2005 12:25 am
...and so on, and so on....

Im starting to believe I am addicted to this thing we call sex. If Im not having it, or watching it,...then Im thinking about it. My dreams are those of highschool days. They wake me up, usually because I cant roll over due to my hard-on. When Im with a partner, I look forward to falling asleep, just so I can wake up with a boner, and then nudge her awake, or, just carefully and gently take her. I find that some women like to be woken up like this. And if for some strange reason my penis lets me down.... I am certainly guaranteed to have been visited by the morning wood fairy. The kind thatll make any 18 year old proud. I have also developed a liking to webcams, and all the fun and sexy things that you can do with them. Not many nights go by, that I am not watching, or even putting on my own show. Hmmm... maybe Im getting my second puberty. Not gonna knock it though. Sure is fun.

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