The Simple Pleasures  

MightyGoodman48 58M
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4/1/2006 2:29 pm

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4/25/2006 8:30 pm

The Simple Pleasures

Last night I had an experience that can only be described as an enjoyable distraction, I was checking out the live web broadcast here at AdultFriendFinder and was pleasantly surprised to find this woman who was masturbating, ok so I wasn’t to surprised by that but this woman was different in that she had her microphone turned on and I could hear her moans of delight as well as the hum of her vibrator fading in and out while she slowly massaged it over her clit and then slide it deep into her drizzling wet hole. Needless to say when her climax erupted so did mine, she then wiped herself dry with a towel and ended the transmission. Wow! Now I’m not sure what it was about this particular women’s broadcast that made this a pleasant encounter but I just wanted to send a thank you out into the void and to whoever she was for sharing herself with the world and me last night.

I searched the men’s, women’s and couple’s web broadcast and each shows how many viewers are watching them and the women had far more people watching what they were doing even if they were just sitting there smiling into their web cam, and of course in the men’s section they were just whacking-off like crazy with absolutely nobody paying them any attention at all.

So here is my question to all you beautiful people
What do women want or like to see or hear from a man’s web broadcast.
Perhaps romantic or erotic poetry being read?
Maybe some fantasy role-play being acted out?
What if men were to use sex toy’s during masturbating?
How about a strip tease?

Believe it or not lady’s most men want to please you but simply do not have a clue as to what it would take to have you involuntarily reaching between your sweaty thighs and give yourself a pleasant encounter.

*Please do not state the obvious that there’s nothing like the real thing baby, we all know that song.

RavishingRed1062 54F

4/2/2006 9:46 am

I think, the balance between women who watch men VS. men who watch women, will always be skewered far to the side of men who watch. Because men are SO visual . . . and woman are not so.

Now... because I am in that rare percentage of women who does like to watch, SOMETIMES... I get bored with it really fast and am usually never moved to touch and rarely cum from the touching. (Now, get me on a phone with m vibe and I can do that, especially if the man is quite verbal about his own pkeasures... go figure)

But you put a couple of people actually fucking in front of me... and I'll be all over my clit and cumming all over your couch in a min.

MightyGoodman48 58M
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4/2/2006 2:20 pm

Thank you for your reply R.R.
I find that even though most men already know that the majority of women aren’t visually stimulated that still doesn’t stop them from turning on the ole web cam and whack, whack, whacking away. You may wonder why that’s so disturbing to me, well it’s like this. I believe that more women would feel comfortable and possibly even join AdultFriendFinder if there weren’t such an overwhelming amount of men displaying their penis’s everywhere you go in here.
(1) Trust me there’s nothing wrong with displaying your proud projectiles as an added photo in your profile, but as it stands most women just see you as a dick.
(2) Help make this a comfortable and safe environment for the lady’s

Now getting back to you Her Redness
What’s say you and I get together and put on our own live broadcast?

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