Thinking about moving to the UK....okay not really.  

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8/26/2005 2:16 am

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Thinking about moving to the UK....okay not really.

Okay, so I have to give major props to the British.

Now for the background on this... I work third shift at a hotel, a lonely and often boring job (but it pays the bills) So to keep myself entertained, occupied and keep my mind off of sleep, I read magazines. One of my favorites has become UK Cosmo. Why you may ask. Because they aren't retareded! Yes, I stand by this. The writers and editors realize and openly acknowledge it isn't natural to expect every woman to be a size nothing. As a girl with a healthy figure, I greatly appreciate this, and the magazine backs it up with guys who enjoy real women.

How many men want a woman who looks like she'll break if you fuck too hard? Isn't it nice to have a woman with real, yes real 36D tits for you to play with? I've seen women with the fake stuff and serious that's what you want to feel?? I'm all for natural women, natural bodies, and a most healthy body image. What can be more sexy than a woman who's confident about how she looks and has something for you to play with?

Now on a completely different note. Sex outside, the cool (or hot) air directly on your skin, nothing closing in around you, the breeze blowing, a blanket on the ground... What can be better than sex outside? I'm pretty sure, the next time I have sex, it will be outside. Who's with me?

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