Requests anyone?  

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10/5/2005 3:47 am

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Requests anyone?

I'm back. No explinations on why I haven't posted in a while other than I haven't really had anything to say.

I got some advice on military men. And I have to say they don't always or even usually live up to the ideals they are supposed to represent when it comes to women. But those that do are the ones that I enjoy.

Life's crazy, I may be moving soon. May get a promotion, may go back to school (for massage therapy any volunteers to be my practice bodies?), may just say to hell with it all and bartend. Now that sounds like the most fun... But I think I need a little help. I have a limited knowledge of drink recipes, but I'm willing to learn. What's your drink of choice? How do you like it mixed? Strong? really strong?? or is beer the thing?

And along those lines how should female bartenders dress? I think most of us have probably seen Coyote Ugly, and while I can't say that I'll be dancing on the bar, I wonder if that's the way to dress... Can a woman be a successful bartender without having all the other women think about how slutty she is?

I'm off to ponder my newly found career goal. And to mix some Southern Comfort and coke... (It's 6 am, but I'm just getting off of work so it's okay).

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