Why I love being a musician!  

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1/14/2006 2:04 pm

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Why I love being a musician!

Alright I've had a long standing rule on my blog about not telling the sex stories(unless the other person agrees,I don't think you should be talking to others about that stuff)but recently got permission to say this!

Most know I'm a professional bassist! My bass amp is the size of a fridge(size matters,lol)it's about 2,000 watts and will shake your fillings out and give ladies a "special feeling"...where's this going? down here...I have been asked my hottest thing I've done,well there have been a few cliche' things(3somes,orgy,etc)that I've done but the hottest experience was when a female friend of mine sat on top of my amp(which stands about 5'5" tall) and started to masterbate,she said the vibrations just made her wet and lose control,well she made me lose it and I couldn't help but go down on her(I didn't stop playing-obviously)it was intense and damn she went wild,oh did I mention it was at a gig during the show(club owner was pissed off-crowd was shocked and some loved it)it wasn't planned and it wasn't something I would have thought to try,but wow I loved that!

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