Pick your fetish!  

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1/12/2006 8:16 am

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Pick your fetish!

Ok I'm still extremely jet lag'd so bare with me if my posts aren't up to standard for a couple days,lol!

Anyway, I'm finding more and more the I get in these random moods where I'm just all about one thing or another sexually! Example: there are times that I could go down on a woman for literally hours or where I just want to give them a massage or want to have anal sex or whatever... Now what I've really come to realize is that it has more to do with what I know gets the woman hot and what makes them cum the most intense or in case of the massages just relaxes them and makes them feel good,point being I'm finding it's not so random as I thought it is directly related to the woman's desires so here's the question....Do you pick think you pick your partners based on there tastes that you want to explore or based a connection and then explore only certain things you enjoy! F,H,L-Mick

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