My first crush and sexual feelings....  

Michelle362534 48F
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8/24/2006 1:34 pm

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9/7/2007 7:48 am

My first crush and sexual feelings....

When I was at the very impressionable and tender age of 13 I had a major crush on my 14 year old cousin, Julie. She was a gorgeous, feisty red head. She knew how I felt and used this to tease, manipulate and humiliate me on a regular basis!!!

Julie really was a major bitch but I adored and worshipped her. She is without doubt the reason I go weak at the knees at ladies with red hair. I used to constantly masturbate fantasizing about her. I'm sure she's also the reason I love bondage, dressing up, and spanking!

The girl drove me wild.

There is one instance in particular I often recall and masturbate to....... there was a bowling green, wood and park near our home and a gang of us often played there, including Julie.

One day me and Julie were being chased by a local gang of thugs and we locked ourselves in the bowling green shed.

The boys got bored and disappeared after a while but my cousin wanted to stay and play. She wanted to play a 'Cowboy and Indian' game where I got tied up (I know terribly non pc!). She used rope that was lying on the floor to tie my hands behind my back and pushed me up against the wall. She started to kiss me. The rope was cutting into and hurting my wrists and the kissing wasn't good but it still got me really excited! This was my first memory of feeling anything sexual and I'll never forget it. We continued to play these kind of games for a few years before I sadly moved away.

Now, I wonder where I get these bondage fetishes from?!

Maybe I should start a blog running where people describe their first sexual experiences/feelings and how it affects what they like sexually now?

What ya think guys and gals?

Michelle xx

and xxxxx Michelle

Eddie5011 42M

8/24/2006 11:15 pm

Idid my first sexual experience on my blog a while back, nothing particularly outstanding about it. Too inexperienced to be anything but bad I think looking back on it. I think it was my days after College what shaped who Iam now.

sextoy69998 40M

9/1/2006 5:03 am

I love your photos and would like to see more please. Love the blog.

rm_nigella1967 49M/49F
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3/14/2007 5:01 pm

read your blog liked what we read how would you like to talk to us
i would like to tie you up and do more than kiss you

glitterclit1000 44M/39F
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4/4/2007 11:58 am

Hi, this is the lady of the couple talking here.

Well, been thinking about this for a while now. It's a tricky one as what is the definition of first sexual experience? I'd be comfortable with the definition of adolescent/adult interaction - although I can't be the only one who played 'doctors and nurses' (in my case actually it was nurses and nurses)as a child?!? Those very early experiences though I wouldn't class as sexual, more physical exploration and innocent curiosity. However, I do remember getting what I now know to be turned on by making my Sindy's hump each other (even if I didn't realy understand the mechanics!). I never had a 'Ken' or whatever Sindy's guy was called so I guess my attraction to women COULD have stemmed from that?!? I'd feel a bit odd and think I'd need a pee so I'd stop 'cause I didn't want to wet myself!

My first actual sexual experience was, aged 13, with a guy I barely knew, in a tent with my best pal and her boyfriend (it was only the guy who touched me, they were too busy together to bother about us). I've actually just re-read my diaries from when I was that age to fully remember what happened. It's all rather worrying when I think about how old I was, although he was only a year older, so there was nothing sinister in his behaviour.

We all got drunk, me VERY, on homemade wine, cider and Martini. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that we did pretty much everything but full penetration, me just going along with whatever was asked of me ( I see a pattern here!). My friend and the two boys were all in the year above me, and although I saw it all as a laugh and haven't been traumatised by it, i was definitely doing all this, not to impress, but too not be mocked for being 'tight'.

I found it all a bit boring and not physically enjoyable, as I suspect a lot of other people's early fumblings were. I don't know how much to read into those diaries now, as I also did a lot of other stupid, non-sexual things, in order to fit in. I didn't necessarily regret them at the time (until of course the whole school found out about my little 'camping' trip and I was teased/bullied mercilessly, until the next scandal broke, about someone else). But reading about them now I feel quite sad. I guess we quickly forget how difficult and confusing a time adolescence can be.

My parents weren't particularly prudish. I'd had the whole sex education thing. But I wish there had been a little more emphasis on how much better sex is when respect and genuine affection is present. Sexual experimentation at that age was generally something you did to not be left behind, or to fit in, and also, I suppose, to rebel. We need to educate the next generation in valid reasons why casual encounters at such a young age can be emotionally damaging (although mine wasn't), rather than simply saying "don't do it". That's like a red rag to a bull for teenagers!

Jeeeeeez! Got all serious there for a moment! It's interesting though to think that this may have had an effect on my sexuality. While I may not have been particualrly turned on by that first experience, I do enjoy being told what to do, relinquishing control, and the idea of ahving an audience. Mmmm, ponder, ponder.

Anyway, hope I haven't put a dampner on your blog...and, I LOVE your story Michelle, VERY sexy!

threepin333 40M/40F
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4/14/2007 1:14 pm

I can definitely relate to the rebellion theme

I grew up Mormon with a very stricly abiding MOM - then when she got divorced I found out all kinds of wild things about her and her side of the family. Then I went to college........ Finally out on my own

It was never concious or intentional but in college when I'd hang out with my girlfriends we'd all end up drunk and sleeping together at someone's house. Usually I share a double bed with two or three of my best girl friends. We always used the excuse about not wanting to sleep on the floor and that there was "plenty of room" for all of us. To be honest I don't remember all the details and I don't really think anything REALLY happened (orgasmwise) but when I woke up we were all in our underwear and one time I can remember we were "spooinging" and we had our shirts off. I know we didn't have any orgasms but I do have memories of erotic kissing and touching our "erogenous" zones. We always joked about it because we were in college and it seemed okay to explore things if you had some highfalutant word to describe what it was you wanted to explore. I guess all this blogging is bringing back all these memories I haven't even touched for 10 years.

Thanks Michelle and Glitterclit

rm_yamahacpx 31M

8/17/2007 2:48 am

loved the stories ..... ill have to tell my storie one day too ... it invloves a family member as well

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