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1/17/2006 5:28 pm

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A definition...

Honesty can be a difficult thing to understand... especially when dealing with personal truths. A type of truth that is always in a state of continuous change. What was honestly your truest thought a year ago, a month ago, week, day, hour ago... may not be your own personal truth at the end of the next second, minute, hour, day, week... I'm wondering now what my own personal truths are... When I ask myself these questions, the first answer I get is my truth... but when my questions involve the actions of another... my feelings and my logic are often split, and at odds. What if one dies... Will we care? We should... but I won't. It's not reasonable to still love what is gone. What if one makes a hasty decision that divides a relationship... was it possession, greed, resentment, fear, uncertainty, paranoia, spite, what made one happy, right, wrong... an accident? Will we care? Should we? I won't. A relationship is thought of as a bonding between two or more people... each sharing a piece of themselves with the other. And yet most of us try to apply possession to that bond... why? One will make choices regarding their own happiness. Instantaneous choices... not thought about... simply chosen the second they arise because they are a form of personal truth. If one truly has decided to care about another's happiness over their own, then why would people divide themselves over a decision made by one, or the other? It was what they decided would make them happiest at that moment. Why not be happy for their own happiness... after all it's what many tell themselves that they want for the other. But is it true? Will it be? Was it ever? Only one can answer themselves. Are you honest?

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