My Vasectomy  

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1/12/2006 12:51 pm

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My Vasectomy

Worst pain on earth to men!

The vasectomy was when I was 21 year’s old. It all started when I went to a psychiatrist and was asked a 100 question’s. He said that I would never want any children because I would have a feeling that I would be a bad father. The questions that he had asked, I had lied on , most of them because I felt that I would never wont children in my life. To this day I feel that same feeling. Don’t get me wrong, kids are the best but I don’t feel like having that much responsibility. It would be to hard on me because I would kill myself working to give her or him as much of the world to my child as I could. Even I dream about it once in a while but the reality hits me. I would never have the money or be able to put my kid in the right school, or some that I would want for her or him.

The day before the surgery, I had to cum in a cup and put it into a paper bag. I went to the clinic and they checked it for sperm. I was positive for sperm. The next day I went for the surgery. I was in a woman’s clinic, I have never seen so many pregnant women in one place at one time. There was about five men in for the something. We all got put into a room. I was there for about 20 minutes. The doctor came in and told us what the surgery is going to be like. It was going to cost $100.00 and it would be over in 30 minutes. A very big nurse had came to the room and said "you first". So I fallowed her to a little operating room. She told me to take off my clothing and gave me a very evil smile. It looked as if she would love to see me naked. So I got undressed in front of her. She told me to lay on the operating table and she put a sheet on the top half. It was a little nerve wracking when she grabbed my penis and taped it to my stomach. Then, she wiped me down with iodine, then left the room. The doctor walked into the room and did not say a ward to me. He gave me a shot of something, that made the bottom half of me go numb. He said "Are you feeling this". I said "NO". He grabbed a scalpel off his little table and just cut my nut sack wide open. It was not a pretty sight. He pulled two tubes out, like 9 to 10 inches. I could only feel a little but it was the scariest that I had ever felt. He took out some scissors and cut the two tubes. Then he took a lazar and burned the end shut, I can still smell my flesh burning. Then he began to sew me shut. I still remember the tugging feeling as he pulled on the thread. He put a little bandage on me and sent me home. The nurse told me to keep ice on it for the week. She also gave me two bottles of pills. I still could not feel my legs when I walked out of the building. I don’t remember much about the ride home. The feeling of laying in bed was as if I was floating on air. Then, the drugs gave out and the pain that no man should have, hit me. I have never felt anything like that again. I lay in my bed crying with ice on my nuts for three weeks. After the three weeks was up I had to cum in a cup two more times. Both times it was negative for sperm. There is so much damage that I have a 0 hance of having kids. If you are male don’t get this done. It hurts like HELL!


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