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2/6/2006 5:04 am

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Who is Michael?

What do I know about myself?

I am ever-changing, as I endeavor to become the best I can be; so I'll modify and amend this entry as necessary.

I love sex! I'm getting to that first for you sex hounds out there who aren't interested in anything else. I love sex a LOT; but then, doesn't everyone on this sight? It feels sooooo great!

I'm pretty good at the aspects of sex I enjoy, because I always immerse myself in my passions; learning by doing everything I can over and over until I get it righteously right!

I teach what I know to those who want to learn; and learn what I can from those who want to share.

If sex is all you care about, that's fine with me. Skip the rest of this entry and indecently propose what you have in mind. Tell me all about the sex you want to give and get, and who-all you want to share it with; and if you want to know more about my sexual preferences, skip down to "BACK TO SEX," below.

Moving on:

I appreciate a policy of live and let live. As long as you don't step on other peoples toes, I will probably come to appreciate the many good things about you.

You can tell me ALL the good and bad about you, and unless you pose a threat, I trust I won't use it against you. I'll use it to understand and relate to you, your needs and your passions.

You can also trust that I care. If you are hurting, I'll help you smile. If you have a problem, I'll listen.

If you want my help, I may ask you some soul searching questions, think your answers through, and help you organize your options to make things better. I expect the same for me from my friends; and I enjoy sharing life's challenges and solutions, rather than fighting for position as we live on self-sufficient islands.

I've concluded that the world of humankind needs fixing big-time, and I'm willing to help fix it, but I'm not so sure humankind will ever be ready. I count myself as both a piece of the problem and a part of the solution; willing to hear suggestions, as long as they are kind.


I deeply enjoy sharing love, laughter, intimacy and pleasure. Sharing such experiences is greater than gold and gems for me, so sex ranks high on my list of, "Things to do and DO WELL!"

I would like life to include one big ongoing orgy in which we all participate from time to time, making love with each other in a state of bliss; but because I have my sexual preferences, I suppose I might not be quite the slut I would sometimes like to be.

I'm not sexually attracted to men, so I do not have sex directly with them. I don't mind sharing a woman in bed (or elsewhere) with men, if we all observe mutual respect and consideration. I think the male body is beautiful, and I deeply enjoy intimate male friendships based on character, personality, interests and intelligence.

I think women are glorious creatures of beauty. Their very presence heightens my senses like a drug. As with men, I deeply enjoy intimate friendships with women based on character, personality, interests and intelligence; but their allure is intoxicating; adding an exhilarating dimension to the relationship.

When it comes to sex, I like my women to be as I am: considerate, passionate, versatile in shape and attractive. I love to please them and be pleased by them.

In a crowded room, I initially go for small light women with whom I can share several long bouts of tireless love (it's rather like doing more reps with light weights); BUT when I get to know a tall woman with the right personality and character, my heart starts calling the shots. I can get all starry-eyed about her, because of who she is inside; and after that, I see beauty that others may miss.

Inner and outer beauty drive my libido together. Outer beauty is easy to spot and verify, so it can drive my libido to attention in a millisecond; soliciting my initial response.

Just how far inner beauty can drive my libido depends on what I know about the lady and on how well I know it to be true; but if she sincerely says things that melt my heart, she'll have my attention.

After writing these things, I see that I need to reflect them more accurately in my profile, which is more exclusive than it should be.

I've had relationships in which I mistakenly sacrificed some critical ideals; so I was fairly strict with my preferences in my AdultFriendFinder profile.

Now, as I recall the most unsettling compromises which I made, I realize they had more to do with a lack of inner beauty rather than outer beauty. Well, I've got some thinking to do about all this.

Should anyone actually read this far, thank you for your interest, and I value your feedback.


sassybelle21 32F
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2/6/2006 6:09 am

Very detailed

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