Is there a God; and...?  

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2/15/2006 2:26 am

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Is there a God; and...?

It's early a.m. after Valentine's Day. Yesterday, I had things to get done; so I worked into the night, and completely forgot what day it was (emphasis on was) until a few hours ago. I mean, who was I going to remember it for; the cats? I just know some of you are dying to say "yes," but I have a more fundamental question:

Is there a God, and...?

Some possible answers:

1) I think/know so, because...

2) I think/know there is not, because...

3) I don't know, but I hope there is because...

4) I don't know, but I hope there isn't because...

I know there is a little guy with wings, a bow and some arrows, because I see his cards EVERYWHERE, and we named a day after him - Saint Valentine's Day; but how can he be a saint if there is no God; and if there is a God - and I don't mean a "god"; I mean the one with the capital "G" - if there is a God, how did we get a saint's day, and even an "All Saints Day" (Halloween), before we got a God's Day.

Some possible answers:

1) We have a God's day. It's Sunday (or Saturday, or whatever, depending on your faith).

2) Every day is God's day. He owns them all, but leaves it up to us humans to name them.

3) The infidels who make the rules won't let us name the holidays with Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islam or Other names, much less "God's Day!"

(Please consider all other religions to be represented by "Other" with a capital "O", which in this case does NOT stand for orgasm)

4) What else....

Here are a few more:

If you think there is a God, do you think God is a "he", "she", "it".... What and why?

If there is a God, and you are one of your God's people, what does your God want you to do about those who don't believe in your God, and what does your God intend to eventually do about those who don't "believe."

If there is a God, how would you describe God?

If there is no one God, is there more than one God?

If there is no God, why do so many so fervently believe and proclaim that there is?

If there is no God, what's the point of living?

Is the human race...

1) ...doomed by God (in part or as a whole) to eventual extinction?

2) ...chosen by God (in part or as a whole) to continue eternally?

3) We're on our own and it's anybody's guess what will become of us!

4) We're on our own and here's what I think is going to happen: ________

5) Here's a whole different perspective: _______

As much as it may seem like one, this is NOT a forum for debate or ridicule. It is an opportunity for us to learn each others opinions regarding a subject important to most of us; and then learn to "just get along", anyway.

I have had the experience of being married to someone who did not believe as I did, and it was a problem for her from day one until she ordered me out of the house. I'd like to think I can find a partner who has a more forgiving point of view about all this, but I don't require you agree if we're "just friends" or "just lovers;" or even just "friends and lovers"! It would JUST be easier for me if we could agree it is OK to disagree on this rather critical and sensitive subject.

Frankly, I wouldn't care WHAT you believe about all this, except I care about YOU (whomever you are); so if YOU care about what you believe (or don't believe), then so do I. This is your opportunity to share what you feel, and be respected, understood; and even appreciated for your convictions; whether the rest of us think you're just nuts... or a saint!

What do I believe? Well, you might guess from what I have said, but I ain't tellin' 'till you do.


newbiepgh 61F
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2/16/2006 9:21 pm

Boy, Michael, you can pick the topics...I was going to answer the foreplay blog, but I'm fading fast and, to me, this is an easy question to answer.

I was brought up Catholic and was dragged into a building every Sunday, Holy Day, and, least I forget "the Stations of the Cross" throughout Lent. I can remember sitting in the building looking a people all dressed up, being nice to everyone after Mass: women wearing their fur coats and full face makeup; men with stiff collars, cuff links and sometimes a hat in their hand. Did they always look that nice and behave in such a gentile manner?

I could never figure out why we had to go to a building, if God was everywhere?

Then, I started learning about Oriental art and music and I helped my mother design an Oriental Garden in our back yard. It was there in that Garden that I shared my thoughts with my God. I held my dog close when I had realized I "became a woman;" not knowing how to tell my mother, who left a book months earlier on my bed regarding the topic but with no explaination. It was in the Garden that I did my homework on a hard bench trying to figure out chemistry (which was easy) to any type of math (which was impossible.) During college breaks reading Shakespeare there was far more enlightening, fulling, and educational then in any noisy dorm room.

I went into that Garden when JFK was killed, wanting to know how anyone could kill the President of the United States? I went into that Garden to ask God (the Summer of '69), how much further can our space program go? Excited by the unknown, I had thoughts of Saturn, and Pluto, until my best friend's husband told me we would probably never reach out that far into the galaxy. (He was part of the Space program, and he knew me personally and my exhuberance for life here on earth and beyond.)

Through so many events, I went into that Garden (which grew for over 30 years into a magnificant piece of art)to find my answers or just to ask questions from my God.

I was evicted by my father from my childhood home and that beautiful Garden several years ago. He replaced me in the house with my new step sister. When he died, almost 2 years ago, she bought it from her mother for $1. I don't know if the Garden is still there, or if it has been ripped out for a cold, mundane swimming pool.

If you are wondering if I believe God is still there, yes, I do. But He is also in my new backyard where I hope to create another Japanese Garden someday. Should putting all the aspects of the Garden get side tracked by some other urgent expense, I'm not worried, because my current dog and I sit in "her" sunroom. I have great discussions with my God...discussions now, not just questions.

I believe one's view of God changes over the years, influenced by parents, friends, the News, education and personal experiences. There have been many times when I question God and have hated him for horrific events which resulted in human waste like Katrina,
9/11, the Challenger explosion, and the recent bombings in London and Spain. But I have worked in health care, and have seen all the innocent babies in the nursery of the hospitals, and I know that God is also all giving, and all knowing.

Whether this contribution to your blog has answered any of your questions, I'm not sure...but it is my viewpoint and ultimately "my God."

Love back,

Michael4u06 62M
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2/17/2006 3:10 am

Leslie, your words touch my heart. Thank you for sharing your experiences, beliefs and feelings. They are real and precious.


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