Diverse passions of foreplay for a more passionate relationship  

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2/13/2006 1:22 am

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Diverse passions of foreplay for a more passionate relationship

Today I made a pasta dish fit for my queen; and when I find her, I’ll have to remember how I did it; so I’m entering the recipe under the heading, “Foreplay Marinara Sauce!”

Because life with a partner is not always “afternoon delight;” I think an ongoing diverse diet of passionate foreplay is in order; the spice that transcends our mundane or stressful moments, and primes us for consistently great sex.

There are so many passionate things I like to share with the right woman (most of which make hot foreplay):

“Accidentally” brushing past my partner ever so lightly throughout the day.
Any share physical activity that requires bared-flesh muscle flexing, makes us sweat and gets us dirty.
Long hikes into natures beauty;
Urgent quickies in sunlit meadows and soothing warm waters - LOVE THAT NATURE SEX
A spinnaker sail across a mirror-like starlit bay;
Sumptuous dinners, man-made-by-her-man
(so good she‘ll be “ready” well before desert);
Four hands in soapy dishwater;
Cuddled chats by crackling fires;
A song written just to melt her all over, sung softly in her ear;
Rolling-on-the-floor, tears-in-our-eyes laughter when I go off-key;
Eyes lost in eyes (TOTALLY SEXUAL FROM HERE);
Lips parted, with tongues searching;
Fingers seeking, caressing; then grasping,
As she coos, moans and gasps;
Our bodies joined in fervent sex and tender love-making into the night…

Pant, pant, pant… …and these are just ONE days’ worth of passion!

What were we discussing? Oh… ya… diverse foreplay.

Many of the above activities are obvious sexual lead-ins (well, they are to us men, anyhow); but I’ve found that shared non-sexual activities add other healthy shades of emotion to my sex life. For example, joint activities of community compassion shared during the day; handing out blankets to the homeless or reading exciting stories to the elderly in a nursing home; all stimulate shared emotions that bring a powerful sense of compassion and unity to a subsequent evening of romance.

I think part of making a good relationship a great one is taking a little time to expand our list of non-sexual and sexual mutual passions and weaving them throughout our shared time.

What do you think; and what are some of your favorite sexually-oriented and non-sexual foreplay activities that make your good sex great?

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