Just passing by . . .  

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10/19/2005 10:46 am

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Just passing by . . .

They're rebuilding the road in front of my house. Not really suprising. I do live on a major highway that once was in a rural area, that's not so rural any more. Two lanes to five (left turn lane included at no extra charge).

I lose a little of my front yard, but more disturbing than that is the reminder that all things in life are just speeding by, with no signs of slowing down, just like the traffic in front of my house will be doing by winter.

Time itself doesn't change, it remains constant. But, it's effects can be devistating (sound like government). Five years ago life was talking me to places I only dreamed of as a child. Doing things, meeting people, and see places in the US, that I couldn't have imagined. One day, just one 24 hour period 4 and a half years ago, changed all that. It probably was a day that just came and went in your life. In mine, it turned me into a lonely, slightly bitter, person that now is "stuck" at home.

I know many awful things could have happened to others on that day, and to those I'm sorry. But I don't know those people. I only know what happened to me.

Now, what was my life, has seemed to have sped off in the distance, not unlike the people who will soon be speeding by on a fresh smooth peace of concrete.

Take the time to look out the side windows once in a while. As a kid I did that on trips to my Aunt and Uncle's house. Guess what I saw, my house. And the little girl playing with her mom in the front yard, my wife.

Life will seem to go by faster and faster, even though time remains constant.

That's all. I was just passing by . . .

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