Skyrockets in flight,,,  

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9/25/2005 11:14 am

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Skyrockets in flight,,,

The husband of a curious couple contacted me recently and said his wife of 16 yrs had only experiened a handful of orgasms EVER and always only with the aid of lengthy stimulation with a vibrating hard plastic dildo and she had agreed to try the machine tho she was slightly intimidated by its picture and I explained to them that the best success was always achieved by finding the ladys "comfort zone" and creating a pleasant relaxing ambiance so she doesn't feel like she's putting on some cheap circus act. Dim lighting, soft background music of her choosing and aromatic candles set the erotic mood. Dressed in a short skirt, sheer top and oh so sexy black stockings and a garter belt, her husband began kissing and fondling her slowly and methodically on the sofa. His hands exploring her full firm breasts thru the sheer braless top brought her perky nipples to full attention as both their breathing increased noticeably as he slid his hand up her smooth stockinged thigh and began rubbing her moist love nest thru her damp panties as she began to squirm and spread her gorgeous legs wide for my full viewing pleasure sitting direct across from them with the Sybian on the floor between us. Reaching under her skirt with both hands she slowly began sliding her now drenched panties down her thighs and told me she'd love to see me stroke my already hard cock while I watch them if I felt comfortable doing so. Comfortable? ,,,hell, I felt almost COMPELLED,,,,lol. Unzipping my pants, it was immediately seen I was becoming very excited indeed at the soon to unfold event. By now her hubby had her in the corner of the sofa, slowly fingering her shaven love canal as her toes arched upward in obvious erotic response and they kissed passionately. Without warning she slowly slid his hand away, stood up and walked over to me and informed me I should take my pants off to she could better see what I was doing and with that, pulled them off by the legs as I sat in the chair in mock surprise ! Standing back upright, she shamelessly declared she was "ready", unbuttoned her top to leave her swollen breasts exposed and positioned herself over the Sybian and began seductively lowering herself onto the awaiting well lubed medium sized attachment. This lady may have problems having orgasms in the past but she sure as hell knew how to drive the two men in the room about half nutz with her sexy teasing. Moaning softly as she adjusted her post ion now with the dildo completely impaled in well moistened pussy,she leaned forward slightly with her palms on the stool in front of her that held the the control box and rotated the vibration control to a very low setting as she began to sense the first intense dynamics of what this wonderful machine might soon bring her. With a slightly devilish smile, she made a small production of toying with the "rotation" control knob before finally, slowly turning it clockwise to slowly mesh with the vibration, which immediately caused her head to jerk back in sudden pleasure as she let out an ever increasingly loud, moaning, "ohhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!Suffice it to say, she was finding her "comfort zone" awfully quick and hubby and I were enjoying the ride right along with her as evidenced by our rock hard erections, haha. Less than 2 minutes from mounting the Syb, with both controls still in the "sissy" position the ladies facial expressions betrays any earlier intimidation she may have had as she begins to experiment with the vibration rheostat, jogging it between short bursts of increased (MEDIUM) intensity as her moans of pleasure fill the room according to the controlled degree of vibration. Settling on a moderate range vibration she begins jogging the "rotation" speed rheostat now to compliment the vibration and finding what must have been her current most pleasurable mix (it changes as orgasm gets closer) of vib and rotation, she almost violently arched her back, leaned way forward in one motion and began humping up and down on the pulsating dildo, using her knees to lift her up and her hands on the stool in front to brace herself coming back down on it full stroke, every time. By now maybe a total of 4-5 minutes had elapsed,perhaps only a minute at the higher speeds (still below medium)and she seemed totally lost in her own world of pleasurable intensity as she rode the delicious machine frantically now cupping her hands behind her ass occasionally to push herself even closer to the clit stimulator on the down stroke and her whole body often stiffening every now and then as she just held still letting the gift of the incredible machine do what it does best. Proclaiming suddenly she thought she was about to cum, she leaned forward only slightly to jack the vibration wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up, increased the rotation to just past medium and, raised her arms str8 up over her head and within about 20 seconds had what she later described as the most fulfilling orgasm she had EVER had which honestly, without exaggerating, lasted a full minute or more as she shook with cascading jerks of unparalleled pleasure and literally crawled back over to the sofa in exhaustion as her hubby and I tired to regain our own composure from the awesome spectacle we had just witnessed. Total elapsed time for Round # 1,,,,6-7 minutes at the most and she was FAR from done for this nite as she ended up trying 3 of the other attachments over a period of almost 2 hours and by her own count, no less than 7 orgasms, all of which she said were unlike anything she had ever experienced and with an intensity and duration she always thought unattainable by ANY method.

Round # 2 cumming soon ~~

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