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6/28/2005 8:34 am

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getting into the habit of writing is a goal and has been for awhile. Perhaps having started this blog thing I'll continue to write and although I'd love folks to read my thoughts and comment on them, the writing alone should be theraputic enough. Also, it's great practice for executing grammar and syntax better.

Still working on the mortgage. The new guy says the appraisal has to be re-certified over to him but we can't get in touch with the appraiser. The lawyer has stated she has a mortgage individual she trusts and I should be able to get a low rate because of my credit rating without being charged a point. I asked the new guy about this and for the type of mortgage i want they don't give benefits to excellent credit ratings because that would border upon discrimination. Makes sense.

I find that everyone has an opinion about things but their opinions are based upon knowledge that they have and the knowledge that they have may not be accurate or the full picture. For example, my lawyer thinks I should get a low rate based solely on my credit rating when in fact it depends upon the type of martgage you go for that your credit rating might influence.

The fact that the old mortgage guy didn't get me a commitment struck a bad note in both the new guy and my lawyers sensibilities so at least I'm feeling a bit better about switching. The old guy, when I give him the news, will still probably try to cover his ass but I'm not in the mood for excuses or explanations.

I don't want any more information, I just want this to be over with. If I get more information it plants the seeds of doubt about my decision in my ever fertile and paranoid imagination.

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