New Beginnings  

Mendota_Man 56M  
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7/20/2006 8:49 pm
New Beginnings

I just wanted to tell everyone what a great place Newbie’s is. I have been going there for awhile now and love every minute of it. If you have never been or heard of it, it is in Johnson City. New Beginnings is the official name. Here is the link: . People think that it is an all gay bar but they would be wrong. I am not gay and I enjoy going there. If you have a problem with 2 guys making out then you should not go. If you have a problem with 2 girls making out you should not go. If you like dancing, drinking, or anything in between you will have fun there. I would call it a lifestyles bar. No one will bother you unless you want them to and pretty much any thing goes as long as you keep most of your clothes on (at least part of the time). People of all age ranges come to Newbie’s. Saturday night is the busiest night and the dance floor will be filled most of the night (after 11pm that is). I hope if you see me you will say hi.

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