Worst sex ever! Part 1  

MelissaWetOne 40F
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10/21/2005 5:50 pm

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Worst sex ever! Part 1

The first time I "cheated" on my husband was August 1997. I say "cheated" simply because he didn't know about it until I told him over a year later. I knew it was wrong while I was doing it and still feel bad about it to this very day. My husband forgave me immediately, beginning eight years of marital bliss as his hotwife. Girls, I'm here to tell you that honesty will get you further than you ever imagined with your husband or boyfriend. Lying and sneaking around will not only lead to untold heartache in your relationship, but probably only serve to give you substandard sexual experiences, too. If you're in a committed relationship where you love your partner, but you just can't fight your urge for strange cock or pussy, let your partner know what you're thinking before acting on your impulses. It's all about honesty!

Anyway, back to my first infidelity. I count it as my first because actual intercourse took place. I'd kissed a couple guys I worked with and even briefly held one of their cocks (still the biggest I've ever seen in person...at least 12"!), but never gone all the way with anyone; that is, until I met Kelly.

Kelly was a guy I met at a club when I finally took my older sister up on her offer to go out dancing one night. Another female co-worker tagged along. We ended up at a busy nightclub in downtown Richmond, with a sea of hot and ready guys just aching to get to know us better. After a couple of hours, all three of us girls had paired up with different guys. My sister disappeared outside with her guy, while I stayed inside dancing with Kelly. Not only was this the first new guy I'd danced with in over three years of marriage, but it was the first sizable boner I'd felt pushing against me in an awful long time! I remember looking up into his eyes, feeling the bulge through his pants. Soon, he was leading me outside where we could find a bit more privacy.

Walking through the parking lot, I noticed a car with steamed-up windows and what appeared to be a girl riding a guy in the back seat. As we got closer, I realized it was my sister with the guy she'd just met! I knew she had been cheating on her husband, but not with complete strangers! Part of me was disappointed, but the other half was not only excited for her, but for myself, too, and the opportunity for me that was literally at hand.

It was a warm summer's night, and Kelly had brought me to the hood of his car where he sat down and pulled me into his embrace. We kissed passionately for a long time, groping one another through our clothes, holding and squeezing that which we lusted after. He soon unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and I reached in to retrieve the rock hard cock that had been teasing against me all night. It was pretty long, but of normal girth. I could easily get my hand all the way around it as I slowly began running my hand up and down the shaft, all the while kissing deeply with our tongues.

I looked Kelly in his eyes, putting a little saliva on my hand to add to his pleasure. When he began to moan a little, I pulled my lips from his to look down at the long, slick tool I was working with my hand. I was so turned on, I could have fucked him right then and there! Instead, I felt Kelly's cock grow even harder, as he fell back against the hood onto his elbows. I quickly moved out of the way as several spurts of thick semen sailed into the night.

He kissed me softly for a bit, zipped up his trousers, and walked me back into the nightclub. We exchanged phone numbers, promising to hook-up sometime the next week. Finding my sister and co-worker, I left the club that night with a huge smile on my face, stirring fantasies of wild sex yet to come.

Boy, was I wrong!

Ya know, I love beating a guy off, though.

Part 2 coming shortly...


rm_luke69iner 48M
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10/23/2005 11:08 pm

Great post Melissa

Your erotica writing is of course VERY nice to read.
Also, you have a very human, for lack of a better word, style to your writing which makes me think of people I've met and situations I've been in.

Hope you keep writing Melissa. I definitely want to hear Part 2 and the other Bud story.


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