Girls just want to have fun!  

MelissaWetOne 40F
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10/15/2005 12:45 pm

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Girls just want to have fun!

After my first male AdultFriendFinder fuck buddy, I had a serious taste for a woman. Now that I knew I could fuck anyone I wanted without my husband hassling me, I started looking for a woman that could finally fulfill my desire to eat pussy. Luckily, she found me!

One of the things I hate about some folks who respond to my AdultFriendFinder profile is the lack of decent photos. In this case, she neither had a photo or felt comfortable sending me one. She was worried that a photo would get back to people she knew, if even unintentionally. She didn't want to chance it. She was very open to talking on the phone, though, so I was confident it wasn't a weirdo guy trying to trick me.

She described herself to me in detail and I was instantly aroused. She said she had nice, full 38C breasts, blonde hair, and blue eyes...very nearly my fantasy girl! She said I wouldn't be disappointed, her boyfriend told her she was quite pretty all the time.

I asked her where her boyfriend was and if she wanted him to participate, thinking this might be an opportunity for me to also realize my fantasy of a threesome. Unfortunately, her boyfriend was stationed in South Korea and wouldn't be back for close to a year. She explained that it was he who suggested she find women to have sex with, so she wouldn't get so horny she had to stray with other guys. I understood this completely. So, after about a week of talking to her on the phone, I got up enough courage to drive to her house.

I remember being so nervous on the drive there. Before I fucked the guy I'd met through AdultFriendFinder, we'd exchanged photos and had a webcam session before we met in a public place (hotel) to do the deed. With this woman, not only had I not seen what she looked like, but she wanted to do it in the privacy of her own home. I was scared but turned on at the same time.

When I drove into her neighborhood, a lot of my initial nervousness went away, because it was a nice area and all the properties were well maintained. Not that an axemurderer can't live in a nice neighborhood or anything, but I'd worried about being tricked into a housing project or something. I fantasize about being gangbanged, not being gang !

Anyway, when she came to the door, all of my nervousness went away as she was exactly how she described herself. She kind of reminded me of the woman who plays Sheridan on Passions (one of my stories) and I was instantly hooked. A word to the wise, folks: honesty goes a long way when meeting strangers for sex.

So, we sat for awhile on the sofa and got to know one another. I didn't bring any toys with me, so I suggested we make a trip to a local adult novelty store to shop a little bit. We got some lube and a feather tickler...and both of use got horny beyond words! By the time we got back to her house, we were ready to rip each other's clothes off!

We kissed as our clothes fell away and I made my way down to her beautiful breasts, sucking and licking them...I was in heaven. I'd always wanted to put my face between a nice pair of wonderful titties and my wish had come true!

She pulled me up to her before I could take her jeans off and said that she'd started her period (major bummer...I'd always wanted to eat pussy!!!) but she was going to make sure I was completely satisfied. It was her turn to move down my body and give my breasts some attention, but she ws eager to get to my pussy. In no time, my pants were off and she was on her knees licking and sucking my clit.

We quickly moved to the bedroom, where I reclined for an hour long session of having my pussy eaten. I coulnd't believe I was finally having sex with a woman, it all seemed unreal. My orgasm was sweet in a whole new way, but not nearly as strong as when guys are doing me. I was so excited, I told her I didn't care she was on her period, I wanted to eat her anyway. She didn't let me, but I fingered her clit until she came, kissing her deeply the entire time. I think I was almost too excited while I was with her. It was an amazing experience.

On my drive home that night, I called my husband and told him everything that had happened. Suffice it to say, my pussy was eaten some more that night and fucked vigorously as well.

God, I love to cum.


rm_luke69iner 48M
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10/15/2005 8:16 pm


Great story Melissa thanks for sharing it

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo


12/16/2007 8:52 pm

Melissa,That was a very erotic story,just wondering did you ever get to go back and eat her pussy.

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