Meg's Journey--Chapter 8  

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Meg's Journey--Chapter 8

The Solarium

The handler walked Meg into an area just down the hall. He put her in with several other "bad" slaves to await their punishment. The girl who had been over the table whispered to Meg she has been here before and liked it, but that some do not, she said her name was Sandy.
Meg was left pondering that statement, as 1 by 1 her companions were walked into a pair of doors. Meg and Sandy were the only ones left. Sandy whispered, just put on a good show, and they will love you, Meg didn't understand the comment but nodded. The handler came back, and led her into a room like no other. The room was beautiful and all glass enclosed, but made as a dungeon as well. She saw slaves in many devices. One male was on a cross a large weight balancing from his bound penis, a female in a something like a stockade, a black male slave suspended from a gallows by his hands, his feet on a set of blocks. There were also two others being led up onto the staging area. Meg was led to a altar like table with an open middle, she was strapped into a bending over position. A sign was hung from her neck, and she was left alone. She began to feel her nerves tightening from the suspense, she bagan to fret over what they might be about to do. When the last slave was in place, the doors opened, and in walked her Mistress, as well as a few other people. Each one went to "their" slave and spoke to them. Mistress came to her and spoke in a sharp but loving tone “You will have to accept orders with no question, and if you feel you cannot accept a task you must let me know by making this hand signal, is that clear? For once you agree to it you must fulfill it exactly as ordered no excuses will be tolerated.”
As she stepped away, the doors opened again and all the dinner guests filed into the room. Some went to tables and sat to have after dinner coffee, or a smoke. Others walked around reading the signs around the punished ones necks. Meg swallowed hard when she saw the male slave get his weight swung back and forth. He tried to balance his body, to deal with it. He was immediatly slapped on his cock, and made to stand still. Meg saw the stockade girl, getting flogged and having clothespins attached to her body. She could also see Sandy across the room, on her knees, with a guest sitting on her back, smacking her with a crop.
A female guest walked up and read aloud the sign that was hanging "Hmmm, can not seem to control her vocal outbursts of pain when in the dining area, this is a violation of the rules!" She noticed the rings and chain hanging from Meg, and pulled them, Meg let out a small shout. Well, I can see you will definitly need to be trained. I am sure we all can help you learn.
The woman, pulled ona rope nearby and Meg was pulled into an upright position, still on her knees, she realized the piece of wood was like the stockade. The woman locked her neck in place,so she wouldn't be able to pull away. the woman spoke and said her name was Lady Elaine, and that she would be the first of many Meg would meet tonight. Meg pulled her eyes away to see her Mistress sitting nearby watching for any signals. "Your eyes will serve as your mouth, and you will use a blinking signal for yes or no after tonight. You will be anyone who wants to use you for the rest of the night... do you understand this?", Meg nodded.
Meg made an involuntary noise, as the first slap hit her rear. Another resounded, and another...Megs eyes teared from the pain. She cried out as the paddle came again. Meg noticed a pair of shoes in front of her and started to look up see the face of her tormentor from earlier. Ahhh, little dear, let me put something in your mouth to silence you... he unzipped and took out his cock, plunging it into her mouth. She got wet, as she savored the unwelcome invasion. The paddling continued until he exploded in her throat. Lady Elaine said "well, I guess she has been quiet for now, so we will let her rest a moment." Meg heard the man's name mentioned as they walked over to her Mistress's table.She thought her name to herself as she stood there,Lord D'Jay. Meg was startled to hear someone behind her, the rope was pulled upon again, and she stood on her toes. A man came around front "I am Lord Yates, I am here to punish you for breaking our rules, you will be silent by the time I am done. A female slave was brought over and put between Meg's thighs. the girl started licking and sucking on Meg, soon she made a newing sound. Thwap went a strap across her breast. She cried out, and another sting came. She tried to remain quiet so she wouldn't receive anymore, but she made another sound as the girl licked again, thwap went the strap.Meg shuddered as her orgasm built, even with the pain she couldn't stop it. She came, in the girl's mouth,her legs shaking. Lord Yates smiled and took his pet and went to the next slave. Other Masters and Mistresses came and tormented her by spanking, cropping and even affixing a butt plug into her with no lubrication but her own.Meg learned to keep silent realizing they were doing these things to teach her a lesson: SILENCE. Meg knew she couldn't take much more though, but wanted to please her Mistress. The boards were taken away, and some of the guests started to filter out. Meg was retied with her hands criss-crossing the back of her neck, and locked in place. her ankles were spread by a bar and locked as well. Mistress Sophie walked up and told Meg that she did well, that Meg also was to remain here for the night like the others, with anyone coming to use her body any way they wished, but to draw no blood. She wrote the no bloodshed part on the card now sitting on a table nearby. Do you have any questions? Mistress, I am so sorry I ruined tonight, please forgive me, I promise to behave from now on, Meg said. Her mistress came over and kissed Meg long and deep,"sweetheart, I know what D'Jay did as he wanted you for himself and I won you. I promise the handlers will watch over you and stop anything they feel is over the top. " Goodnight my Meggie Belle.....
Meg was left alone for some time, with only one person coming by and giving her an orgasm by fingering her pussy. She thought she could relax after that...but then she heard footsteps.....


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Medusa, another great installment, keep up composing, DJ

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