Meg's Journey -- Chapter 7  

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8/17/2006 1:06 pm
Meg's Journey -- Chapter 7

Dinner and Art

Meg was apprehensive as she looked around the great hall. She noticed several slaves already in the room, including her friends from earlier. Mistress handed the leash to a handler nearby and left the room. Meg was walked to a section of the room where some hooks came from the ceiling. Her hands were drawn apart and tied wide open above, her ankles tied to the floor. Colored ribbons were attached to the ropes, fluttering in the small breeze from the windows. Meg felt nervous and a bit turned on by being tied like this. Around her others were being tied in these "X" looking poses. All the slaves sparkled with rhinestones, rubies and emeralds.
A handler dressed in red silk, walked to the center of the room,he started a slightly long speech... "Attention slaves, you are but pieces of art for the dinner guests tonight,you will remain still like statues.After their dinner and dessert,you will be untied when they leave to have your dinner as well. You will then be escorted to their courtyard for after dinner entertainment as well. As he was saying all this, the masks were being put on them. Please behave, you would not like to squirm during dinner.
Meg felt herself slightly aroused in this position. Peeking around w/o moving her head, she noticed most of the men were very aroused as well. A handler walked around each slave, speaking some words to them, rubbing something on their bodies. When hers arrived, he whisperd for her hold her breasts out, keeping her back straight. he began to spread a sweet smelling oil over her skin..rubbing her nipples, smiling when they tightened up. He also did her legs, sliding both hands on each side of her thighs, noticing her damp pussy. He flicked the stone dangling from her clit. Meg bit back a moan. He continued down the line until he finished. 4 dark skinned slaves were chosen to be the centerpieces above the table. They were tied all up in the ribbons and rope, and hogtied above the table. Bowls of floating candles were balanced on their backs.
The door was opened and a group of finely dressed people came in the room, the gentlemen holding the chairs for the ladies to sit. A 5 course meal was served, and the room glowed with the finely oiled skin of slaves in the candlelight. The dinner went on with laughter and conversation. When dessert was served, the 4 slaves above the table were lowered to the top of the table. The candles were replaced with cold fruit bowls. One female flinched from the chill,her bowl rocked above the guests, spilling a little bit of the sauce. She was immediatly removed from the bonds,crying as she was taken from the room.
After the dessert, the guests mingled around, some going to slaves and touching them as they talked. Meg saw her Mistres coming her way with 2 men and another woman. She straightened a little higher. Sophie stopped in front of Meg and caressed her face, "this is Meggie Belle, my newest slave". Oh she is exquisite,and so petite, did you get her at the auction? Meg was startled when a cold hand touched her breast, she tried to stay still, but the chill caused a shiver from her body. "Well Sophie, I see she can't follow the rules of the great hall though", said the taller of the 2 men. "She needs a good firm hand, you should let me have her for a few days, she would obey then!" Meg did her best to remain still hoping that Mistress wouldn't give her to the man. Mistress Sophie started walking away with the other 2 guests not answering the question, the man then reached between Meg's thighs and pulled the heavy stone very hard. Meg cried out loudly, then blushed hard realizing what she had done. A handler rushed over and stood behind her. The cruel man walked away with a smile, the handler then whispered that he knew it had been done on purpose, but that now Meg was to become one of the after dinner entertainments. he unhooked her and led her away. Meg caught a look from Lisa..pity? Why? What was to come?


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