Meg's Journey -- Chapter 5  

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8/7/2006 7:56 am
Meg's Journey -- Chapter 5

Meg's eyes opened behind her blindfold in shock. Still being punished even though she pleased her was scary to her already. She jumped as she felt a hand touch her drenched pussy, slowly teasing the folds back and rubbing her clit. She moaned aloud w/o meaning to.
She felt the fingers holding her open, and with no warning a sting to her pussy with a whip of some kind! She screamed into the gag...
Now Meggie, please remember this is showing my love for you..a punishment by me is a form of training. I will slap your pussy until you do not cry out anymore. Your silence will release you.
Meg's eyes teared up behind the mask..she tried not to make a sound. Once again, she screamed as the crop was brought down on her wet pussy..again and again it sounded. Meg finally went somewhere inside her head and calmed her body... she accepted the next 2 slaps without even a wimper. Mistress took this as a sign that she had succumbed to her orders. Meg then felt the same hand pull apart her lips again, she stiffened at the thought of pain again. She then felt a cool cloth touching the area, and little kisses being touched to the hot spot.
Meg was cleaned up, and left under the cover. She sweated until the next morning when Mistress released her. She then had to get her mistress's lovely red leather clothing laid out and give her a sponge bath in her tub. She then was allowed to dress her Mistress in the colorful outfit. Mistress leaned down and pulled her chin up, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. "You may have 1 hour to bathe yourself as well, and to make the bed, as well as clean the rubber sheets, please also put your hair up, I left you a clip there". With those words, Mistress left the room,, to go somewhere.
Meg stood up, her knees aching from the day before. A knock sounded at the door, forgetting to get back down, she answered it. A male slave was sitting outside, a rolling cart nearby with breakfast on it. He gave her a look that said she was doing something wrong. "Knees", he whispered. Meg dropped to her knees, just as an older couple walked by, the woman looking over at Meg's quick movement.the slave reached over and retrieved a tray of fruit,eggs,toast and juice. He whispered for her to go ahead and eat, as it was her breakfast, and to leave the tray outside the door when finished.
Meg ate quickly, made the bed, cleaned the other and ran to get in the tub. As the water ran, she braided her hair, and put it up as Mistress had asked.All her new piercings ached in protest, as she cleaned her body. Her pussy flared as the soapy water reached it,she hadn't realized she would ache so much. She climbed out and toweled off...brushed her teeth, and went over to the window to look out. She saw many naked bodies out in the sunlight, looking as if staked to something. She turned away as she heard a click in the door...she dropped to her knees quickly.
Ah Meg, you are ready for the day I see...let me look, please stand. meg stood withher hands by her sides, hoping she pleased Mistress Sophie. She was then "inspected" by a soft hand, nails slightly raking over her sore breasts, tinkling the bells. She was told to raise her hands to her neck, jut her breasts out and straighten her back. A chain was attached between her 2 breasts to the rings.
Meg, we will be going outside to the garden today, I have noticed your skin is very white, so I think you need some sun. Tonight we are invited to a banquet, where you will help serve dinner. I would like you to learn how it is done, so I will drop you there early for a lesson. So far you have pleased me. I was right in deciding on a female slave this time. After the banquet, we will come back here where I will see how well you can please my body as well.


swt_tx64 52F

8/7/2006 11:57 am

~awwwMedusa..another excellent chapter..i look forward to reading more~*swt*

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8/10/2006 3:26 am

Medusa,read it, enjoyed it,thank you. DJ

Roryardri 68M
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8/17/2006 5:43 am

Thank you... very lovely... and your grasp of the role is very convincing. good imaging, and a nice, slow build... very enjoyable. Rory.

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