Meg's Journey --Chapter 3  

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7/28/2006 1:16 pm
Meg's Journey --Chapter 3

Meg followed behind the woman's tapping heels, her knees protesting from the hard cold floor.She passed several other slaves being walked the same as she was by their owners, some with kneepads of sorts.Soon they reached a wooden door, it opened and she was taken into the room.
As her leash was dropped,Meg looked around under her hair at her surroundings..a large canopy bed, a dog bed, several chains and implements on a wall, what looked like weird looking chair and several other items. "So my new pet, what shall I do with you first, as I have always bought men, but you looked so luscious ...."
Meg sat back on her heels with her chest forward and her legs slightly opened as she had been taught. She could feel the coolness of the ceiling fan on her hot pussy.
"Ah, now there is a good girl", said the woman. Let me introduce myself, I am Mistress Sophie and you are now known as "Meggie Belle". Mistress then raised Meg's head. Yes, I like that, so you may keep your first name in a sense..and I love bells.....
Well, whatever am I to do with you. I know, we will take care of getting you pierced like the others of course. But I shall add something special to it, as Mistress Sophie grabbed a small box on their way out the door again.
They went down the hall again, and Meg started when she heard the sounds of floggings and cries. She thought for sure they were heading somewhere painful.Meggie ran promptly into her Mistress when she suddenly stopped beside an open doorway ..."Bad girl, not paying attention already!" Mr. Giles, may I borrow a crop, I left mine in the room thinking this was going to be an easy trip.
Meg was brought up from her knees and had her leash tied above her head at a painful angle. her hands were tied behind her back, and she was left on her tip toes. Mistress Sophie came back and stood before her with a small crop. "Since you need to learn that you are to stay at least 2 feet from me at all times, I will teach you how to count to 2."
"Please count the times you are touched, and when i stop, you start over again" SMACK, went the crop on Meggie's breast,1 Mistress, SMACK, 2 Mistress... the same was done to the other breast.... then to each of her ass cheeks,her thighs, and lastly her pussy. She was afire by the time the Mistress was done. Mistress asked if she knew how to count now, Meggie shook her head yes.
Mistress untied Meggie and ushered her into Mr. Giles office. There was another gyno chair in the center of the room, and 2 male slaves lined against the wall. Meggie was ushered into the chair, and spread wide, her pussy still stinging from the crop. She was strapped down by the 2 slaves, and left in the room. Mistress was over speaking quietly to Mr. Giles. She finally left and Meggie was all alone with the 3 men.
As he got out some equipment, Meggie thought it was her ears being pierced, and wondered why he was down by her thighs. All of a sudden, she felt a vice like device spreading her lips open, then a cold swap being applied to her clit. She shook as she realized what was about to happen! She cried out when her labia was pierced and a ring placed in it She cried out again, as her lips were pierced also,tears rolled from her face. She panicked, when Mr Giles, came to her breasts, she started squirming. mr. Giles called over his 2 male slaves, who each held her down. The vice was again applied to her breasts...she screamed as the needle went in each time, finally sniffling as it was over. Mr. Giles applied an ointment to each, and then attached little rings with bells on them.
"You may go kneel by the outside of the door little girl." I will call your Mistress now. Meggie crawled over to the door,embarrassed by the bells tinkling each time she moved...
Mistress came and took her back towards the room, she tried to keep the bells from making any noise, but was told to stop hunching. other slaves passed her and gave her strange looks. She finally decided to hold her head a little higher ...


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7/28/2006 2:02 pm

Wow.. smiles.. waiting not so patiently for the next installment.

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