Meg's Journey --Chapter 2  

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7/25/2006 4:33 am
Meg's Journey --Chapter 2

Meg was led down the steps by naked slave by her "leash" , and into a back room where she was led to what looked like a doctor's table. She was told to lie back and put her feet in the stirrups. She shook from the nerves that had finally caught up with her. Another female walked in with waxing items, she told her that her new owner wanted her to have no body hair.At the first touch of the warm wax, and the painful pull of the strips,she was completly barren.
Meg was left on the table in her position, her pussy facing the door where anyone walking by saw her exposed. Even though she was frightened, she was still very wet. A masked man walked into the room,"you will now be examined to see if a cleaning is in order". Meg blushed when her pussy was softly opened and fingers slipped around the lips. Her clit was pulled gently at first, then roughly pulledopen to expose her even more. "Yes, very nice", said the doctor, "now to see how wide your opening is.. he got out a speculum, easing into Meg's tight wet pussy. he kept opening it until Meg finally whimpered in pain... he eased it back down and made some notes. He then told her to relax. Meg jumped when she felt a finger slide into her ass. It moved around slowly, suddenly, she felt 2 fingers slide into her! The fingers kept rotating, stretching her out. She orgasmed w/o meaning to, gushing over the doctor's hand. "Slave, you are not to do that w/o permission, your new owner will be notified of this!" "Cums easily and very wettly" he wrote on the chart, needs enema for cleansing.
Meg was again left alone, A naked man w/ a collar walked into the room and took her leash, leading her into what looked like a locker room. There were hoses hanging from the ceiling, as well as funny looking chairs under them. She noticed other slaves, in funny looking chairs.Meg was made to sit in one of the chairs. Her leash was attached to a hook in the floor, behind her, making it impossible to lower her head. You will receive 2 cleanings, and if still dirty, you will get another, she was told.
2 females slaves, with red collars, walked in. One attached Meg/s feet into a foot section on the floor, the other reached above pulling down a hose. She was told to open her legs wide, as the hose needed to clean inside her pussy and all over it. The hose was then turned on to a pressure that was first washed over her clit, driving her crazy w/ want. Then it slipped inside her pussy...the feeling was so intense. The water was turned off and a large penis looking attachment was put on it. Meg thought they would be doing her front again, when she felt a large item against her ass. "NO" she thought, this can't be. Her ass was painfully stretched...when it met resistance, the other slave reached down and started rubbing Meg's clit...making her relax, and finally the penis slipped in. Meg jumped a little when she felt the first rush of water move into her rear. She was facing a male slave across from her who was receiving the same ...he stomach looked very tight and there were tears in his eyes. meg started feeling the first cramps and as she moaned, the cleaning slave reached over, rubbing her belly to help make it better. Just as she thought she would explode, the hose was taken out, she was told to expell what she had, as she would be given another. She thought she would be able to get up, but they told her there was her toilet..a hole below her chair. After an embarassing minute, she let loose, blushing. The phallis was then inserted back into her rectum. The cleaning slave told her she would have to hold more this time, but she was allowed in here to rub her clit if needing a stimulant, as it would help.
She was told to move to the pad by her chair. She eased down leaning over it, her feet still held in place by the lock. She felt the water come into her, and as it started to cramp her, reached down to play with her pussy. She felt her wetness on her hand as she tried to ignore the pain. She played until she orgasmed. Drenching her pussy with her squirting. "Oh, her new owner will love that" said someone in the room. She glanced up under her hair to see who said it, spotting the same man in front of her again, in the same position. He had reached between his thighs to work his dick also, to help with the pain. Meg gushed again as she watched the man in front of her also find his release. Meg's hose was removed, her hands retied, but she was told she would have to hold herself in for a few minutes, to make sure the water worked it's magic. She moaned aloud, as the cramps seized her...she felt betrayed by her body as once again, she felt a tell tale orgasm building up without any help. She was then roughly pulled back and her ass put over the hole... let it out now she was told. She felt relief as the water came from her, but disappointed she wasn't allowed to find another release as well.
The red collar slaves then took her to a shower room, where she was told to wash with a lavender scented soap. She was then rubbed down with lavender oil. One of the slaves, then told her some rules for being here. One of which was no slave was taller than his or her Master, so they were to crawl on their knees unless told otherwise.
After their ministrations were completed, Meg was then again led to a red door. It opened into a large hallway, with freshly cleaned slaves like her. She was to wait, with her head lowered, breasts out, for her new owner.
After what seemed like forever to her, she heard heels coming down the hall, a pair of shiny black boots stopped in front. Her leash was then taken from the hook above, and she was soon crawling behind her new owner.


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8/7/2006 5:54 pm

great story

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