Meg's Journey -Chapter 1  

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7/24/2006 1:33 pm
Meg's Journey -Chapter 1

Meg was apprehensive as this was her very first time at the compound. She had been instructed to bring only her personal items, as clothing wasn't needed by slaves. When she boarded the flight, she was treated to champagne, a gourmet meal and some dessert. She was blindfolded like the others towards the end of the trip... when they landed, her stomach did flip flops, as there was no turning back now.
Meg was escorted from the plane, and made to disrobe on the tarmac. She was then instructed to kneel on the carpet she felt under her feet. Meg felt a collar attached to her neck, with a lead of some kind hanging from the back, her hands were slipped into ropes and drawn tight. She jumped when a voice almost next to her whispered that she need not tremble for her pleasure was to come .. sooner or later.
A voice started giving a speech about rules and about a mutual "safe word" all slaves would use if needed. If a slave used this word, they would immediatly be escorted to a room, their clothes given back and flown to the nearest airport. From this moment the voice continued, "You have no outside name! You are called slave until your new master renames you, you will answer to that name only". If any of you feel that you can not handle this, please let us know now, and you may leave. If you are ready to continue with us, please stand and we will begin your journey.
Meg stood on trembling legs, and heard others beside her move also. The voice said to reach forward and take the rope hanging down. Reaching , she found the rope, touching bare skin in the process.
After a few minutes of walking, she heard what sounded like a crowd of people. She was led up some steps to an air cooled room, her nipples tightening from the cold. She heard a murmur of approval from the crowd. Al of a sudden, all their blindfolds were removed ...
OMG, what have i done, was her first thought, as she surveyed the crowd.
Lower your eyes, she thought, it is what a good sub would do.Many in the crowd came and touched several slaves pinching and feeling their privates, as well as running hands over naked flesh. As she lowered her eyes, she heard the first slave told to rise and stand on the block in front. When the slave was slow to do it, a loud smack was heard through the murmuring room. The bidding will now start said the auctioneer ... slave after slave was won , then it was Meg's turn. She gracefully got on the block, and stood, head held in submission, feet apart as her former master had taught her. the auctioneer discribed her small amount of training, as well as a description of her "talents". The bidding was started with her being bent over and spreading her cheeks as well as having the humiliation of lying on the block, legs apart and a made to hold herself open for the whole room to see. She then stood, as a final bid was made by a female voice....
SOLD ! ! ! !


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