Her Special Day  

Medusa231968 48F
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7/21/2006 10:14 am
Her Special Day

One Day ... outside, on a hill under a large oak....with a view of a river...

A naked young woman stood tied with her breasts criss-crossed by rope, her waist secured to an old oak tree, and her legs tied apart at the knees and ankles. She was also blindfolded and gagged as well. She stood as a living nymph in her Master's eyes as he viewed her from his window. He knew how she must be suffering after hours left alone there while he tended to his other little prize, looking down upon her blond head curled up by his feet.
He has purposfully left the window open so she would hear all that transpired and knowing she couldn't have it. he knew her pussy would be wet, even dripping down her legs at the sound of his lash on the blond's skin. At the sound of the blonde's moans she would be begging for release, but denied her orgasm.
Master J tells the blond (marilyn) to get up and fetch his bag with the prepacked assortment of items for his use. She's to fetch it with her teeth and bring it to him, after all, she is his little bitch right now. he pats her head when she comes with his bag.
He puts a leash on marilyn and leads her on hands and knees to the tree. he tells her she is to urinate on the other woman's feet. She squats and does what her Master commands. The feel of pee on her feet, sets the woman(Bre)squirming to move again. Master J takes out a small crop, and smacks the top of her feet and tells her to stand still!
Bre feels the sting of the crop and stands still as told. When marilyn is finished she crawls over to Master J and cuddles at his feet. "So my slut, have you been properly punished for disobeying me"? Bre shakes her head in response, not knowing what is expected of her at the moment. Master J removes the bonds from her breasts and waist leaving her feet tied.He also doesn't remove her blindfold telling her she will remain blind for this session. He instructs her to bend until she touches the ground, and get on her knees. He then takes her hands, and ties them in front of her,flat to the ground and sets a small bench from by the tree under her stomach. He removes the gag...and tells her she will now be cleaning his bitch. marilyn is instructed to back up into Bre's face. bre thinks in her mind, he is wanting her to service his dog (as she knows he has a large dane on the property), and feels aprehensive. Master J smacks her on the ass, and tells her to do as she is told. She sticks her tongue out and is surprised to feel human skin. She can smell the urine that has been done, as well as the other person's smell. She realizes it is a woman by the moan. She is told to clean her properly, at this, marilyn is told to spread herself wide for a proper cleaning. Bre butts her head in and tongues the other girl's dark hole and smells her at the same time. She is turned on by the scent. "Slut, did I tell you you could enjoy this task, I did not!" .. the crop taps at bre's breast, as she furiouslly tongues the hole in front of her. She feels sting after sting as her breasts are smacked and stung.
When she is done, Master J removes the bench and instructs marilyn to shove her pussy into Bre's face and enjoy her treat for being such a good bitch. Marilyn lies below bre's mouth, and wraps her legs around the other girls waist. Bre is shoved into the pussy in front of her, where she begins to lap at it. Her master says that now she will receive the punishment he left her here for, as she is to continue to pleasure marilyn until the other woman orgasms. She cries out as his paddle takes a turn on her rear. He says for that she will recieve 2 more for each time she leaves her task. She gets back to licking and sucking on marilyn's clit, hoping the other woman cums quickly. her ass aches as it is punished by her Master's paddle. He stops every now and then to run his hand over her cheeks and then to rub his paddle on them. he then restarts with what she feels are harder blows.
Soon the other woman is arching her hips and cryig out to cum for her Master, he grants her permission and she gushes into Bre's mouth.
Master J tells Bre, she will be this woman's pleasure slut until he commands it. That she is to keep her satisfied as he doles out her punishment for her backtalk earlier in the morning to him.
He instructs her to turn over, he reties her legs so they are spread wide, and he uses tent pags to keep them tightly in place. marilyn is told to what she wishes to his slave for the next 5 minutes, while he goes to retrieve another item. marilyn tells bre, she is going to regret her words to Master earlier... she then starts to pull on bre's clit with her fingers, and to tease her little pee hole with a fingernail. Bre begs her to stop saying she has to go...marilyn continues until Bre lets loose, wetting the ground . marilyn then climbs over bre's body and teases her by rubbing her pussy on her mound, fucking her thigh, and then slowly easing her way up to rub her breasts against Bre's.
Master J returns and notices that Bre wet herself.He says it is not for his slave to do this on his lawn. he will have to figure out a new punishment after todays is done.
marilyn is instructed to enjoy her playtoy and to do what pleases her for the moment. A pad is slid under Bre's rear to angle her pussy in the air and for her ass to dangle over. Master J gets between her thighs and takes notice of her arousal. he dips a plug into it, as well as using a bit of lube. he nudges the butt plug into Bre's protesting rear. She eventually takes it all after several minutes and loud moans. marilyn stops the moaning by sitting on Bre's face and letting her wet pussy settle onto her mouth,bre can't help but start licking and sucking on marilyn's mound.Master then inserts an egg shaped vibe, deep inside next to her cervix, and turns it on high....
"Now for the punishment I promised" he says. She feels her nipples get pinched by a pair of adjustable clips, as he knows she bruises easy there. he feels a tugging as weights are attached and dangled over her ribs. he then caresses her with the crop she knows so well... the first sting bites, as he slaps at the bottom of her breast, another to the other one as well. he then makes his way down her body to her most delicate part. He proceeds to smack her pussy lips until she moans aloud against marilyn's clit. marilyn turns around and watches as she settles her pussy and ass over bre's mouth again. He attaches clips here onto her pussy lips, ignoring the small pain filled moans, using weights to open her lips to him, so she is fully exposed. She feels a small breeze caress her labia, as she feels open to the world. She then feels the crop on her inside thigh, as he gets ready to make her feel it's bite. She tries to beg for mercy, but marilyn pushes herself onto Bre's tongue harder so she can't say anything. marilyn picks up the breast weights and starts pulling at them. Swish goes master's crop as it smacks at her clit. More swish sounds hit the air as her clit is stinging and tears roll down her face. She continues to try and pleasure marilyn as ordered but it's so hard.
Master J continues his flogging up and down her exposed body, even to her ass. The vibe is starting to make her want to orgasm, even though the pain is there. marilyn orgasms on her face and it feels so wet...but tastes so good. marilyn moves off and plays with Bre's nipples. Bre begs her Master for release, he asks if she will behave and obey him from now on..she agrees, and he kisses her... and tells her she may cum!


happychappy4757 59M
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7/21/2006 11:20 am

EXCELLENT!!!! Hard just reading it

spyderoak2 55F

7/22/2006 7:34 am


Medusa231968 48F
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7/22/2006 10:15 am

thanks happy...and spyder, somehow I knew I would hear that from you..lol. I am working on my next one now. A female Dom w/ a female subby


DragonWycke 63M
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7/22/2006 10:59 pm

Hey Medusa,

Overall, the story is great, hun. I can see that you have the story well laid out in your mind...but sometimes it was hard to follow who was who...even though you kept plugging the names in regularily, which just made it that more difficult to read..all in all...I'd give it a 7 out of ten (lol)...like I'm a frickin critic(lol)...content was great (storyline, that is), description of actions...was good...and if you could redo some of the character developement I think you could get this published...read some other short stories and compare urs to how they bring about the plot and you will see what I mean..Great potential so don't give up..and like I always say...this is only My point of view...take what you want and leave the rest. I am sure one day we will be reading your stories in the best, BDSM E-Zines...I'll talk to you later more in depth about it I am sure.

yours always, your Friend....DW

rm_DJSpin1000 59M
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7/25/2006 7:00 am

Medusa, great story, thank you for sharing, DJ

safetydance123 51F
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8/3/2006 7:30 am


I really really liked it!

rm_Heva1984 32F

1/27/2007 3:04 pm

I adore it....

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