True Safe Sex Product Being Developed: Anyone Interested?  

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8/14/2006 12:18 am

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True Safe Sex Product Being Developed: Anyone Interested?

I have just spoken with a female researcher who has been developing for several years a panty/underpant product that would serve as a barrier protecting beyond the reach of a condom. It would prevent HPV (cause of genital warts and cervical/penile/anal cancer), herpes, and crab lice, and would be more effective against HIV and all other sexually transmitted infections.

It would be fluid-impermeable and would have any opening to for the condom-clad penis.

Apparently, it is undergoing clinical trials and its developers will be at the World AIDS Conference this month in Toronto.

Do you think people would use a device like this, and what suggestions would you have for appearance, e.g., transparency, colors, etc.?

This could finally make many types of sex actually safe. But I don't know anyone who currently wears underpants when having intercourse, and even cloth panties/underpants would make sex safer, so if a plastic or latex version became available, would anyone use it?

I'd like your opinions, and can pass them on to the researcher.

getenpersinal 36M
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11/27/2006 8:03 am

I've tried it for barely penetrative, and still provides great stimulation it the woman wears them. Two things are needed: elasticity, which mimics the texture of actual intercourse, and yet "impermeability." Any fluid goes through clothing within a second.
I don't know what material combines this. I keep thinking of something like sheets of bubble gum that absolutely never crack or let through any fluid.

As for size, it might have to be "grandma"-size.

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