I wonder if He Even Kissed Me Goodnight!!  

MeLikeKmunch2 59M
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5/20/2006 6:06 am

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5/20/2006 8:10 am

I wonder if He Even Kissed Me Goodnight!!

On Second thought...

MeLikeKmunch2 59M

5/20/2006 6:20 am

Suppose he'da stayed....

nascarbaby2 47F
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5/21/2006 10:37 am

Hi kmunch told you in advice columns i would come check your blog out when you got it done...See i don't lie here i am just going to check it out ok....looks good so far...have a good day and check my blog out if you would like...thanks....bye

Guess_hooze_back 43M

6/15/2006 7:27 pm

Hey, wow! Messages. Never saw those before. Anyaways this is much later! I'll go check ya out when I get the chance. By the way, Eminem...If you ever see this, there WAS a picture of an older man wincing with a gun pointed to his head...Gee I wonder what happened to it. I apologize for my lack of drama, but I swear ta God, there REALLY WAS a picture of a man with a gun to his head. Ya try and try ta do things right, and eeeeveryone has ta come along and try ta stop ya. I can just imagine how you must feel! Also, in this blog, meluvoilerbitch I responded to what I THOUGHT was your rejection to signing me to shady records, but in retrospect, I have no proof that you rejected me. I asked a radiostation to deliver a couple songs to you, which were somewhat dark in topic. I delved into tha song "EVIL DEEDS" and responded with a song called "SEE LIV DED" , which expressed similar views from a different perspective. Now that I think about it, those guys from that radio station ARE somewhat anti- , so it may have been them who used info from that song to address me in other blogs and reject me. Actually, who the hell knows what's goin on anymore. Whatever, ya cackleheaded, crazy mommarapin faggot, you know as well as I that you don't know me from a whole in the ground, so if you DID reject me, we both know it wasn't based on anything since you haven't even heard my tunes. So no hard feelins ya frickin moron!! I know my music is a sure thing, but I still need a little more practice, and I'm flat broke and all my crap's in tha pawn shop, so it will be a while before I can record a cheezy soundquality demo for ya. In the meantime, I better get back to pissing people off!! Hey, you know how it IS!! I didn't plan for this honest. They just kept on comin at me, so I just kept comin back. It's not what I'm all about, it's just that I'm on the cockbag of a path there. Hope ya understand. WE BE BACK!!!

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