What is this thing called sex.............  

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6/14/2005 12:14 pm

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What is this thing called sex.............

"What is this thing called sex, Dad?"
Quizzed, my curious ten year old lad.
Soft music stopped, party-chatter froze,
Menon jolted from his drunken doze,

The pudding hit Mrs.Thomas's chin,
My boss's face beamed a whisky grin,
"Be a shport, Hari, you bumbling ass,"
Liquour spilled from his brimming glass,

"Tell the boy of the birds and the bees,"
"Of Adam-Eve, the birth of babies,"
To you, my friend, yes, you the reader,
I must admit, I am no great leader

Nor much of a father, you may surmise,
I am not a fool, but neither too wise,
To have told the kids of the facts of life;
Of what gets done, when man meets wife.

It may have been the beers in me,
Or the fact that I could nowhere see
My wife, within any earshot length,
That must've been what gave me strength.

"Species Enlarging X-ercise," said I,
Looking my boy straight in the eye,
"Something we do to populate,"
"Strip, stimulate and copulate."

"Simply Ecstatic X-perience," quipped Ted,
And smacked his lips - the sly newly wed.
"Superbly Erotic X-cursion," Joe, thirty-one,
Raised his beer and added, "Ah, what fun,"

"Sweaty, Enervating, X-hausting," Iyer, mid forties,
As an afterthought warned, "And causes disease."
"Slight Erection - X-hilaration!" Nair, sixty-plus,
"That's what sex is for grandpas like us."

"But, Dad," cried my boy in despair,
He showed me a form, a questionnaire,
"Please tell me how to get all that in
This little box marked - Your sex, fill in."

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