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8/20/2005 9:17 pm

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I was watching tv with my kids tonight and cartoon network was on. And of course 100000000 toys ad's came on and the kids did the "I want that" bit each and every time. I grew bored with the show and sat there thinking up some new and wonderful toy ideas. I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I could actually get into the job of thinking up new toys or something.

Chain-Smoking Barbie
Cudgel! The Board Game
Paris Hilton Action Figure (with Pulsating Egg-Sac attachment)
Regime Change Me Elmo
Chokables™ by Lego
Hungry Hungry Haitians
Professor Slayworth W. Killington's Olde-Tyme Stabbery
My Little Boloney Pony
Soylent Myrrh

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