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7/10/2005 1:06 am

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What is it about guys getting a woman to join their network and once they do, they sit there and write this woman a testimonial. A woman they have never met. Don't know but have seen their profile and have a major boner for them.

Um....Your a totally hot woman with a wonderful body and I would LOVE to get to know you if I ever got the chance. Your like the woman I have always wanted to be with...

Or some other garbage that cries LOOSER.
Dude, or dudes...
Testimonials are for members to say "Hey, this is a wonderful woman. She has a a great personality, wonderful drive and moans like a jet plane taking off...

Or something like that. Use your imagination and fill in the blanks.

Hate mail come forth..................

I know alot of guys are going to be pissed off and start to gather wood to burn me at the stake.
But hell guys. You totally sound lame and like you could not have any luck with a woman if your life counted on it.
Send the love request's thru the mail Romeo.
She would maybe take them more to heart.
Hell she would see that your willing to throw down that money for the ability to send her that letter.
Guy's it really does look bad when you post out dribble like some pathetic teenager.
Hell half the guys out there post contact info in this crap as well because they are so cheap.
Grow a set and drop the cash for a real account here. And don't act like some moron.

Feel the burn....More hatemail coming.......

Frankly I don't know whats worse.
The men posting testimonials like that or the women who accept them. They have a choice on if they want to post them or not. I know. I have testimonials. You can say if you want them to be seen or not.
I guess I can be fair and understand that the women out there want people to see that they have men waiting in line to lick their boots clean and they are liked and popular.
But hell. Accpet some real ones. Live.
Meet some great people and get some of those smoking testimonials. Thats what I want to see when I look at a womans testimonials.
I want to see that your a wonderful lover, with a soul and what your really like.
Not some boyish fantasy about how much they take care of themselves every night looking at your profile.

swtexygirl1 34F

7/10/2005 11:58 am

I agree with what you're saying...unfortunately, I'm one of those women who has a couple testimonials from guys I haven't met...I take it as a compliment that someone finds me "attractive" enough to write something everyone can read. One testimonial on my profile is from a real guy, one I've met in person...the other 2 are from guys that I have spent time talking with online, and have gained friendship status, somewhat, lol.

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/10/2005 9:43 pm

Well another thing it brings to mind when I see a woman that's got like let's say..... 5 testimonials from guys who write about how much they want to do the chitty chitty bang bang with her,
That she ois not real. Face it there are alot of fake profiles here that love to lead you into a full e-mail account of spam.
I've seen alot of fakes here on AdultFriendFinder.
Just a personal viewpoint.

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