Support our troops?  

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/30/2005 2:37 am

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Support our troops?

Today was a great day. My childhood friend came back from Iraq. I've have known this guy from age 8. Needless to say we go way back.
This guy joined the military in awnser to 9/11.
He felt that it was something he should do.
During the build up to invade Iraq he was sent to Kuwait to stand by. He was in one of the first waves to enter and attack in Iraq.
This man is a personal hero to me.
I know some folks have various ideas and personal viewpoints about the war in Iraq.
But putting that aside this is a man, one of many who served under direct command of his commander in chief and did his job.
The one he was trained for and sent to do at the heed of his nation.
Today he flew back to Dallas. I went to go pick him up and he asked to spend some time with me. Before he saw his own mother and father.
The country thanked him for his service with a bronze star, a purple heart and more. He took wounds for his nation and it's cause.
Coming in I was happy to take him out for some beers. We went to Applebees and sat down at the bar, him still wearing his uniform. When the bartender asked us what we wanted to drink we gave the orders and he asked to see our ID.
I gladly handed mine over and my friend did the same. His military ID. The bartender made a frown and walked away. About three minutes later still waitng for our drinks this manager comes in and tell's us that my friends ID was not good. That he needed to buy drinks with a drivers Lic. I was shocked. I then started a arguement with the manager saying it was a military id and a offical one. Nothing fake about it. He became heated and told us that our buisness was not welcome and to come back when we had real ID. We left and I told my friend not to worry. We then made the trip to Hooters.
Hey that's a relaxed atmosphere and fun as well.
We sat down at a table and looked over the menu and then a waitress came over to take our orders,
We ordered a mountain of hot wings and asked for two shiner bocks. She asked for our ID and we handed it over. She made a face at his. Then the little hotstuff waitress went to her manager and she came over and said sorry. It was not a state issued ID and they could not serve my friend beer. I then blew up and told her to call the Fu*king Pentagon if it's such a damn issue. This man is active duty and I am sorry he never had the chance to pop into the DMV to renew his drivers Lic while he was getting wounded in Iraq. My friend told me to calm down and we left. On the way out the manager was making comments about rabid animal soliders and how the war fuc*ed them all up.
I then turned around and vented on the shrew about the fact that my friend had served a extended tour in Iraq and how he was being mistreated coming home. My friends being passive, I am being the as*hole and I never went to Iraq. We were then told to leave or they were going to call the police. We took off and just went to a gas station and bought three six packs and went home. All in all we both had fun at the house but I see it as a shame that a serviceman coming home could be treated like crap. His ID clearly showed it was issued by the DOD and he had all info on it to verify all facts about him that might come into question.
It just really rubbed me raw. I mean all info can be verified if need be, it's a offical ID.
Dam*. Give the poor guy a break.
I don't know how others feel about this subject but personally I am going to boycott both places and write to their headquarters. This was just total crap and abuse of a solider.

Masseur_0 41M

7/30/2005 4:51 pm

What a disgrace. My brother has a military ID and flashes it everywhere he goes. People want to hear stories of Iraq and every now an ad then he gets free booze for "taking one for the team". Damn, I thought all the god guns and guts folks were in Texas. Sorry for your misfortune, I'd be pissed too and would carry myself exactly as you did. I'm totally against the war but in total support of the troops and hate it when I hear stories of them being treated like the enemy when they get home...bullocks!!

Mccartney2003 38M
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8/1/2005 3:44 pm

Well it pisses me off and I am sorry. There are ways of being able to verify a id. Military or not. I thought it was wrong for him to be treated like crap when he came home for his first day.
It' like how companys are now holding back of hiring members in the reserves because they can't "Depend" on them.
Serve our nation and in the process, to hell with you and your familys, go to hell and we just don't care. Seem's to be the outlook I've been seeing in person and have heard on talk raido.
Seem's like whenever we have a unpopular war who better to blame than the solideers that were sent there.
Let's vote a moron back into office and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him.
But hell we hate this war, let's attach those cute little yellow ribbon stickers on our cars and spit in their hamburgers when they come home.
I am so friggin sick of half the folks out there.

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