Revenge of the nerds in stereo  

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8/8/2005 8:34 pm

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Revenge of the nerds in stereo

Well today way my frist day at the tech support job. At first I thought I took a wrong turn and ended up on the set of revenge of the nerds.
I met some cool folks who were nice and funny as well. I overlooked the pocket protectors and the 12 choices of pens in each one...
Overlooked eyeglasses with tape in the center and all the talk about motherboards.
Otherwise it was a ok day. I also got to meet a crazy psycho ex seal who talked about blowing up things in the old days and people who hung on my every word in amazment when I told them of my adventures in logistics. They thought it was so amazing that someone like me was there. I kept my laughter inside as they kept asking questions like my kids at bedtime. They had a glow in their eyes and you could tell that for half a day at least they loved hearing about things other than internet speeds and the new OS.
Poor bastards. Logistics is almost as boring.
Almost. We do have the off and on human remains and people trying to smuggle stuff but otherwise we just help prevet terrorism and loons.
I still am laughing when I think of me being surrounded by a herd of computer geeks who made a big deal about where I had worked before.

And now for me to be a geek.

It was like C3P0 in Return of the Jedi when the Ewoks first saw him and started to worship him.
Ohhhhahh Ohhhahh

Who knows maybe I shall amass a huge army of brainy geeks to help me take over the world!
Come on Pinky we have work to do!

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