Oveheard at Chilis.  

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8/21/2005 4:13 pm

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Oveheard at Chilis.

Sitting at the new chilis here in my home town has been alot of fun. From just sitting there and letting my ear wander among the conversations there I have grown to know that maybe the old home town is not as dull as once thought. Thank God for a watering hole in a dry county. Nothing better than seeing your fellow locals get blitzed at the bar.

Heard at the end of the bar.
Girl 1: So what happened with XXX after we left?

Girl 2: Not much. We wound up spooning all night.

G1: That doesn't sound like "not much."

G2: I was so bored. It was pretty lame that nothing more happen.

G1: Did you want more to happen?

G2: Not really. But, you know. It was like spending the whole night drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Then a conversation between two 50-ish women at the next table.

Woman 1: The next time I marry, it's gonna be to a Christian.

Woman 2: Oh?

Woman 1: Uh-huh. I already have him picked out and everything.

Woman 2: Really? Why haven't I heard you mention him before?

Woman 1: Well, he doesn't know it yet. Also, he can't stand me.


Woman on her cell phone.

"I picked up some tiki torches at the dollar store."

"A dollar. They were a dollar a piece, so I bought six."

"Six dollars."


I was getting my beer order by a young lady who was in fact a proud new bartender. She thought it would be great to fit into the bartender role and attempt to get me into some deep level conversation.

Her: What day is it today?
Me: Um, Sunday.
Her: Wow, it's almost the start of the week it's almost the end of the month, even! And next month I turn 21! I can't believe it!
Me: Sneaks up on you, huh?
Her: It's crazy! I mean, how can I be 21?! How can it already be 2005?!
Me: Uh-huh.
Her: I mean, do you remember when that song came out, that "1999" song by that guy?
Me: Prince?
Her: Yeah. Do you remember when that song first came out, how they played it, like, all the time? And then New Year's came and it was the year 2000 and they totally stopped playing it? I mean, that seems like yesterday.
Me: When 1999 first came out?
Her: Yeah. Do you remember that? A few years ago?

The Drink cost 3 bucks, but the feeling old was free.


Old Man At The bar: [receiving receipt]
All right. Thank you so much.

Young Lady at Register: No problem.
OM: But not too much!
OM: Did you catch that? What I said?
OM: First I said "Thank you so much." But then I said "But not too much!"
OM: Hah hah! Okay, well I'd better go before I get myself in trouble!
Two guys at the bar.
Guy 1: What's up with you and Lannie?

Guy 2: Ah, we ain't together no more. She was too wild. The last thing I want is a wild woman.

Guy 1: Really? That's the first thing I want!

[Both laugh unroarously.]

Guy 2: Me too, brother. Me too.
I just sat there thinking WTF?

Father to collage age Daughter.

Dad: So, how's school?
Daughter: Great.
Dad: Do you find it rewarding?
Daughter: Oh, yes. I think it's very mind uhhh, uhhhhhhh. Errrm, uhhhhhh. Um. Uhhhh...
Dad: "Expanding"?
Daughter: Yes.

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8/22/2005 5:36 pm

Old Man At The bar: [receiving receipt]
All right. Thank you so much. ...

Dude, my dad was in Texas?
That is a total Masseur Sr. conversation..but then it would end with my mom standing next to him clearing her throat really load and then him saying "Oh hey, look at the time...time to take the little lady back to her sofa."...Or something eqully as stupid...And goddamnit if I'm not turning into that idiot!! I'm fighting it Mac...Fighting it really hard..

Mccartney2003 38M
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8/22/2005 7:57 pm

lmao @ masseur.

Thanks for the visit and the post TxCelts.

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